Torres can be 'the player we all knew'

AC Milan coach Filippo Inzaghi hopeful Spanish striker can rediscover his old form following the pending move to Italy.

    Torres was left out of Spain's World Cup squad [AFP]
    Torres was left out of Spain's World Cup squad [AFP]

    AC Milan coach Filippo Inzaghi is hoping to guide Fernando Torres back to form.

    Milan signed Torres from Chelsea on a two-year loan deal on, subject to a medical which the Spanish striker was undergoing on Saturday.

    "I've talked to Torres, even though he still has to complete medical tests,'' Inzaghi said.

    "I learned what kind of person he is. He seems to be very positive, it's not up to me to describe his worth on the pitch, it's up to me to help him return to being the player we all knew.''

    Torres joined Chelsea from Liverpool in January 2011 for what was then a British-record fee of $81m but struggled to command a regular starting place for the London club.

    New stage in career

    The 30-year-old striker was welcomed by more than 200 fans when he arrived at Milan's Linate airport early Saturday afternoon.

    "It is an honour and a privilege to wear this shirt,'' Torres said. "I want to take Milan back into the Champions League and maybe stay here many years. I want to make the fans happy. I can't wait to start the season. ... I am happy to be starting a new stage in my career, delighted with the fans' welcome, I really want to start training and playing.''

    Torres also said he wants to use the opportunity to win back his spot in the Spain side after being left out of the squad for the World Cup in Brazil.

    The striker helped his country win Euro 2008 by scoring the only goal of the final against Germany and followed up with another goal in the final of Euro 2012, when Spain retained its European title by beating Italy 4-0. He also came on as a substitute in extra time of Spain's World Cup final win over the Netherlands in 2010.



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