Del Piero signs up with Indian league

Former Italy striker Del Piero to join Delhi franchise in the Indian Super League that kicks-off in October.

    Del Piero spent two years playing in the A-League [Reuters]
    Del Piero spent two years playing in the A-League [Reuters]

    Former Italy great Alessandro Del Piero will play for the Delhi franchise of the Indian Super League (ISL) and will also be the competition's brand ambassador, the ex-Juventus player has said.

    Del Piero left Australian club Sydney FC earlier this year after a two-year stint that helped lift the A-League's profile and he will be expected to play a similar role with the eight-team Indian league that runs from October 12 to December 20.

    "I am happy to announce that I have just signed a contract that will tie me to the club Dynamos Delhi and the Indian Super League for the season that is about to begin," Del Piero said on his website (

    "I'll be a member of the team that will participate in the new Indian football championship and being the ambassador of this league I will have the honour and responsibility of promoting the image and popularity of football in the country.

    "I've always looked for something different, I see myself as a 'traveller on the roads of football', for me, the pitch isn't the only thing that counts, that what surrounds the game counts just as much," added the Italian who turns 40 in November.

    Former France and Juventus striker David Trezeguet, his compatriot Robert Pires, Spaniards Joan Capdevila and Luis Garcia and former Newcastle United striker Michael Chopra have also confirmed their participation in the league.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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