African Nations Cup moved out of Libya

Confederation of African Football confirms change of venue for 2017 edition due to the ongoing fighting in Libya.

    Libya had planned to build 11 stadiums at a cost of $314m [REUTERS]
    Libya had planned to build 11 stadiums at a cost of $314m [REUTERS]

    Libya have been removed as hosts of the 2017 African Nations Cup finals as ongoing fighting in the country delays plans to build new stadiums for the 16-team tournament.

    The Confederation of African Football are inviting new bidders for the tournament, it said on its Twitter account.

    Libya has endured weeks of recent chaos as the government struggles to control former rebel fractions who helped topple former leader Muammar Gaddafi in 2011.

    Libya were originally scheduled to hold the Nations Cup in 2013 but because of the civil war swapped with 2017 hosts South Africa.

    The north African country had been planning to build 11 stadiums at a cost of $314 million, including a showpiece new 60,000-seater Austrian-built stadium on the site of a former military camp in Tripoli.

    Libya's government said last year it hoped the hosting of the Nations Cup would allow it to demonstrate that life had returned to normal in the country and encourage investors.

    Former World Cup winner Franz Beckenbauer had accepted a role as an "ambassador" to help promote the tournament and the country and the former Spain coach Javier Clemente was hired to prepare their team for the tournament.

    CAF's decision follows the visit of a delegation from the Libyan FA to CAF's headquarters in Cairo this week.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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