Gerrard retires from England duty

England captain calls time on 14-year international career after a poor show in the 2014 football world cup in Brazil.

    Gerrard will continue playing for Liverpool [Getty Images]
    Gerrard will continue playing for Liverpool [Getty Images]

    England captain Steven Gerrard has announced his retirement from international football, England's Football Association said on Monday.

    Gerrard's England career
       Played   Goals 
    2000 2 0
    2001 6 1
    2002 5 1
    2003 8 1
    2004 10 2
    2005 8 1
    2006 13 4
    2007 11 2
    2008 7 2
    2009 7 2
    2010 12 3
    2011 0 0
    2012 11 0
    2013 8 2
    2014 6 0
    TOTAL  114 21

    The Liverpool midfielder won 114 caps for his country after making his debut in a 2-0 win over Ukraine at Wembley in 2000.

    "I have enjoyed every minute of representing my country, and it is a sad day for me knowing that I won't pull on the England shirt again," the 34-year-old told the FA's website (

    Gerrard's appearance at the World Cup in Brazil last month was the sixth time he had represented England at a major tournament, but it ended in failure as Roy Hodgson's side went out at the group stage. Gerrard said he was retiring from internationals in part to ensure he can keep playing to a high level with Liverpool.

    "I'd like to firstly thank my family and friends for all their support throughout my England journey," Gerrard added. "I'd also like to thank everyone who has been part of my international career, from the England managers I've played under to the staff at the FA and, of course, all the players I've been fortunate to play alongside.

    "In particular, the supporters have been amazing, not least in Brazil when they got behind the team despite the disappointing results.

    "This has been a very difficult decision, one of the toughest I've had to make in my career. I have agonised over this since coming back from Brazil and have spoken to family, friends and people close to me in the game before coming to this point.

    "Most importantly, Brendan (Rodgers, Liverpool manager) has been fantastic and obviously I have to look after my body as much as possible to ensure I can give everything when I take to the field.

    "To ensure I can keep playing to a high level and giving everything to Liverpool Football Club, I believe this is the right decision, and having Champions League football back at Anfield is another big factor in my decision."

    SOURCE: Reuters


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