Manchester City win Premier League

Goals from Samir Nasri and Vincent Kompany seal a 2-0 win and the league title despite Liverpool beating Newcastle.

    Manchester City win a second Premier League title in three years [Reuters]
    Manchester City win a second Premier League title in three years [Reuters]

    Manchester City won the Premier League for the second time in three seasons, completing their campaign with a comfortable 2-0 victory over West Ham that lacked any of the drama of its previous title.

    Premier League final standings
      Team Won Lost Points
    1 Man City 27 6 86
    2 Lverpool 26 6 84
    3 Chelsea 25 6 82
    4 Arsenal 24 7 79
    5 Everton 21 8 72
    6 Tottenham 21 11 69
    7 Man United 19 12 64
    8 Southampton 15 12 56
    9 Stoke City 13 14 50
    10 Newcastle 15 19 49
    11 Crystal Palace 13 19 45
    12 Swansea City 11 18 42
    13 West Ham 11 20 40
    14 Sunderland 10 20 38
    15 Aston Villa 10 20 38
    16 Hull City 10 21 37
    17 West Brom 7 16 36
    18 Norwich City 8 21 33
    19 Fulham 9 24 32
    20 Cardiff City 7 22 30

    Unlike the stoppage-time comeback required in the 2012 title decider, goals either side of half time by Samir Nasri and Vincent Kompany ensured the trophy was captured in a serene manner at the end of an exhilarating season.

    Although City spent just 15 days at the summit during a campaign when the lead changed hands 25 times, Manuel Pellegrini's side surged to the top when it mattered most.

    The 60-year-old Chilean is ending his first season in English football as a double winner, having already won the League Cup with victory over Sunderland in March.

    The challenge now is retaining the trophy for the first time, and replicating the electrifying domestic form in Europe to conquer the Champions League.

    These title celebrations, though, could be short-lived in the City boardroom, with UEFA on the verge of imposing sanctions on the club for overspending in breach of Financial Fair Play rules. 

    Liverpool finish second

    Liverpool came up short in their bid for a first league title in 24 years despite a come-from-behind 2-1 win over nine-man Newcastle that left the team two points behind Man City.

    With City winning 2-0 against West Ham, even a victory at Anfield would not have been enough for Liverpool to snatch the trophy from their northwest England rival.

    Martin Skrtel's own goal in the 20th minute put Newcastle in front before the visitors imploded after the break, with Shola Ameobi and Paul Dummett sent off.

    However the Reds passed the 100-goal mark for the campaign after near-identical strikes in the space of two second-half minutes by Daniel Agger and Daniel Sturridge from Steven Gerrard's free kicks.

    Elsewhere, Arsenal beat Norwich 2-0, Everton defeated Hull 2-0, Chelsea came from behind to win 2-1 against Cardiff, Tottenham thrashed Aston Villa 3-0 and Manchester United drew 1-1 with Southampton.





    SOURCE: Al Jazeera


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