Dzeko double lifts Man City to top

Manchester City hold off spirited Everton to go top of the Premier League, while Sunderland heap more misery on Man U.

    Victories in their two remaining games should clinch City a second championship in three years [AFP]
    Victories in their two remaining games should clinch City a second championship in three years [AFP]

    Edin Dzeko's brace helped Manchester City come from behind to beat Everton 3-2 and stay in control of the Premier League title race.

    City have won just one of their last 15 matches at Goodison Park and looked like continuing their poor run when Ross Barkley curled in a brilliant shot to give Everton an 11th-minute lead.

    However, Sergio Aguero equalised in the 22nd minute before going off with a groin injury and Dzeko scored twice in a five-minute span around halftime to put City 3-1 ahead.

    Romelu Lukaku's goal in the 65th minute set up a tense finish but City held on to provisionally go top of the standings on goal difference from Liverpool. 

    Victories in their two remaining games - at home to Aston Villa and West Ham - should clinch City a second championship in three years.

    Everton's defeat ensures that fourth-placed Arsenal qualify for the Champions League.

    Sunderland stun United

    Sunderland took a huge step toward staying in the Premier League by handing Ryan Giggs the first defeat of his reign as
    interim Manchester United manager.

    Sebastian Larsson took advantage of some slack marking to fire home Connor Wickham's cross in the 30th minute as Sunderland recorded its first win at Old Trafford since 1968.

    The loss means United still trail Tottenham by six points while Sunderland climb out of the relegation zone.

    Newcastle's 3-0 win against Cardiff sees the Welsh side relegated after just one season in the Premier League, while Stoke's 4-1 drubbing of Fulham was enough to see the Londoners drop out of the top flight. 

    Elsewhere, Tottenham Hotspur lost 2-0 to West Ham, Aston Villa thrashed Hull 3-1 and Southampton beat Swansea 1-0.

    Hull will get the Europa League spot offered by the FA Cup courtesy of Arsenal securing fourth place in the league. 





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