Luiz in big money switch to PSG

French champions Paris Saint-Germain agree to sign Brazilian defender David Luiz for a world record $60m fee.

    PSG were last week fined up to $82.23 million after breaching UEFA's Financial Fair Play (FFP) rules [Getty Images]
    PSG were last week fined up to $82.23 million after breaching UEFA's Financial Fair Play (FFP) rules [Getty Images]

    French champions Paris St Germain have agreed terms with Chelsea to sign Brazil defender David Luiz.

    "The move is now subject to David Luiz agreeing personal terms with PSG and passing a medical examination," Premier League club Chelsea said on their website.

    The easily recognisable Luiz, with his long and shaggy hair, joined Chelsea in January, 2011 from Benfica for about $35
    million and helped the west London side win the Champions League for the first time the following year.

    Strong, energetic and armed with a powerful shot, Luiz likes to venture forward but can be somewhat erratic and prone to the odd defensive lapse.

    He has made 143 appearances for Chelsea in three-and-a-half seasons at Stamford Bridge, scoring 12 goals.

    Luiz' versatile style

    PSG said in a statement that they hoped to reach a quick agreement with Luiz, who can also play as a defensive midfielder and is part of Brazil's World Cup squad for the finals which start next month.

    "In accordance with the player's wish to prepare for and play in the World Cup in his home country and in the best possible conditions, both clubs and David Luiz wished to reach an agreement as soon as possible between, on the one hand, Paris St Germain and Chelsea, and on the other, between the Parisian club and the player in order to formalise the transfer as soon as the transfer window opens (on June 10)," the club said.

    PSG, who strolled to the Ligue 1 title but lost to Chelsea in the Champions League quarter-finals, were last week fined up to $82.23 million and had their squad capped for next season's European campaign after breaching UEFA's Financial Fair Play (FFP) rules.

    Wealthy Premier League champions Manchester City were hit with the same punishment and as part of their settlement with European soccer's governing body, both clubs also agreed to curbs on transfer spending over the next two seasons.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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