Liverpool stunned by Palace's comeback

Liverpool go top of Premier League but will rue Crystal Palace's amazing resurgence, while Man U beat Hull at home.

    Liverpool have one game remaining in the Premier League [Getty Images]
    Liverpool have one game remaining in the Premier League [Getty Images]

    Liverpool regained the lead in the English Premier League but the crown slipped further from their grasp as they threw away a three-goal lead in a 3-3 draw away to Crystal Palace.

    The stunning outcome puts Liverpool one point above Manchester City, but City have a game in hand and can win their second title in three years with four points from their last two games.

    Premier League standings
         Team          Pld      W    Pts 
    1  Liverpool        37       25     81
    2  Man City        36       25     30
    3  Chelsea         37       24     79

    Liverpool started strongly and seemed to have put the preceding 2-0 defeat to Chelsea behind them when Allen darted to the far post to head in Steven Gerrard's corner, his first league goal in over two years.

    Leading only 1-0 at the break, Liverpool came out fighting in the second half, forcing Palace goalkeeper Julian Speroni to tip a Sturridge shot onto the post in acrobatic style, before Suarez missed an open goal on the rebound.

    Sturridge doubled Liverpool's lead with a deflected shot on 51 minutes, and Suarez combined with Raheem Sterling to make it 3-0 with a calm low finish two minutes later.

    Chasing a big win to reduce City's goal-difference advantage, Liverpool continued to pour men forward and were repeatedly caught on the counterattack as Palace scored three goals in the space of nine minutes.

    Delaney's 25-yard speculative shot veered in off Glen Johnson's leg into the top-right corner of the net, then Gayle scored his first, coolly finishing off a Yannick Bolasie cross.

    Gayle levelled in the 88th minute, slotting past goalkeeper Simon Mignolet when Glenn Murray controlled a long pass.

    Suarez in disbelief

    Suarez, the league's new player of the year, was in tears on the final whistle and covered his face with his shirt as he left the pitch, with his team now highly unlikely to claim a first title in 24 years.

    The title race is certain to go to the last day of the season, and City's superior goal difference means a win and a draw from their last two games is almost certain to be enough to clinch the title.

    Palace's final home game of the season saw the home crowd leave in buoyant mood following a season in which the London team was expected to battle only against relegation in their first season since returning to the Premier League.

    Giggs plays part

    Teenage striker James Wilson marked his senior debut for Manchester United with two goals in a 3-1 victory over Hull in the Premier League, keeping alive the team's chances of qualifying for the Europa League.

    The 18-year-old Wilson showed why he is so highly rated at Old Trafford by scoring predatory goals in the 31st and 61st minutes before being substituted to a standing ovation.

    Matty Fryatt replied for Hull in the 63rd, only for substitute Robin van Persie to wrap up the points for United in the 86th minute.

    United moved three points behind sixth-place Tottenham in the race for the final European spot available in the league with one game remaining.

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera


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