Arsenal win FA Cup to end title drought

Aaron Ramsey's extra time goal seals a thrilling 3-2 win over Hull as the Londoners recover from a slow start.

    The FA Cup victory at Wembley is Arsenal's first trophy for nine years [Getty Images]
    The FA Cup victory at Wembley is Arsenal's first trophy for nine years [Getty Images]

    Arsenal recovered from going two goals down in the opening eight minutes to beat Hull City 3-2 after extra time in the FA Cup final and win their first trophy for nine years at Wembley.

    The winning goal from Aaron Ramsey came after 108 minutes of a sensational match which began with Hull, in their first Cup final, scoring two early goals.

    It was the turning point in the life span of this team.

    Arsene Wenger, Arsenal manager

    In some ways the goals came too early for Hull as Arsenal had plenty of time to get back into the match, which is how it panned out.

    Arsenal failed to clear a corner and the Hull defender planted the ball past the despairing lunge of Fabianski.

    Hull quickly went 2-0 ahead when Arsenal failed to clear another set-piece and although Fabianski got a hand to a header from Alex Bruce to palm the ball on to his left-hand post, Davies lashed it in from the tightest of angles.

    Hull almost went three up four minutes after that when a looping header from Bruce, the son of manager Steve, was dropping into the Arsenal goal until Kieran Gibbs headed it clear from under his own crossbar.

    Cazorla begins comeback 

    Arsenal were back in the game after Bruce fouled Santi Cazorla some 25 metres from the Hull goal.

    The Spaniard took the free kick himself and his brilliantly-taken effort dipped and swerved into the back of the Hull net giving keeper Allan McGregor no chance.

    After dominating for most of the match, Arsenal's equaliser came when they got a couple of lucky deflections at a corner with the ball falling to Koscielny, who turned and scored from close range.

    Gibbs then had a superb chance to win it for Arsenal eight minutes later but missed the target when he looked certain to score.

    With neither team able to score again the match moved into extra time and Olivier Giroud had a golden chance to put Arsenal ahead in the 94th minute but thundered a header against the bar.

    Ramsey found the net for the winner but there was still time for Hull substitute Sone Aluko to go close with an ambitious angled effort that went wide after Fabianski raced out of goal but failed to make contact.

    "We wanted to make history and win the game. It was the turning point in the life span of this team," Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger said.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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