Top five deadline day signings

We all know about Gareth Bale's move to Real but there were other big players who were signed late on or almost signed.

    Top five deadline day signings
    Ozil (L) makes the move from La Liga club Real Madrid to Premier League, as Bale does it in reverse [AP]

    As football managers around Europe recover from a frenzied night of negotiations on transfer deadline day, the traditional post-mortem begins. We look at five of the transfers that dominated the headlines and attracted the big

    Gareth Bale is now the most expensive footballer ever after Real Madrid paid Tottenham $130 million for the Welsh winger, who was officially presented in the iconic white jersey in front of around 20,000 delighted fans on Monday. However, it remains to be seen how Bale combines with fellow superstar Cristiano Ronaldo in his much-anticipated debut, which could come as soon as Madrid's La Liga match at Villarreal on September 14.

    Finally silencing the loudest of his critics, Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger secured the services of Germany's attacking midfielder Mesut Ozil for a fee of $66 million from Real Madrid, which needed the money to help pay for Bale. The transfer, which shattered Arsenal's previous transfer record of $36 million for Andrei Arshavin, is a strong sign of intent from Wenger that his team is to be taken seriously. The face that fans at the Bale presentation at the Santiago Bernabeu on Monday were chanting 'don't sell Ozil' demonstrates just how much the 24-year-old German international meant to his former club.

    With new Manchester United manager David Moyes having struggled all summer to make a first big signing, he finally pulled one off late Monday by getting Marouane Fellaini from his former club Everton. The Belgian midfielder had been a target for Moyes for months, and a deal was finally struck for a reported $42 million. However, Moyes failed in his attempt to also bring in defender Leighton Baines from his former club.

    Having sold Fellaini, Everton replaced him with midfielder James McCarthy from Wigan with only minutes to spare. It was another case of a manager raiding his former club, with Roberto Martinez having left Wigan to replace Moyes at Everton - a typical example of a Premier League merry-go-round. 

    No money was involved in this one, as former world player of the year Kaka left Real Madrid to rejoin AC Milan on a free transfer. The Brazilian playmaker had largely been a bit-player at Madrid for the last few seasons and looked a pale shadow of the player who was widely regarded as the best in the world during his days in Italy. He'll have a chance to rediscover that form now at a club where the fans still hold him in the highest regard.

    And then there are those nearly-happened deals, that didn't quite get over the line:

    Manchester United's attempt to sign Real Madrid defender Fabio Coentrao seems to have broken down over the paperwork, and a deal for the Portugese left back was not completed by the deadline. That left many fans wondering why the club had left the deal so late.

                Arsenal's chase of Chelsea striker Demba Ba came to an end late on Monday   [AP]

    While teammate Fellaini managed to rejoin former manager Moyes at Old Trafford, Leighton Baines remained at Everton. The club rejected a reported bid of $23 million from United to poach the England defender, withMartinez clearly reluctant to lose two of his regular starters.

    In one of the more bizarre transfer-day twists, Manchester United did not succeed in their attempt to sign Herrera, amid reports that impostors posed as United officials in Spain and attempted to sign the young Athletic Bilbao midfielder. However, United said the deal collapsed because of the player's buy-out clause of $47.5 million.

    Shane Long arrived at Hull late on Monday night to formalise his move from West Bromwich Albion, only for his current club to change its mind with less than 30 minutes to go of the transfer window. The Ireland striker is likely to be frustrated with West Brom for pulling the plug, having already undergone a medical for Hull.

    Talks between Chelsea and Arsenal over a loan deal for striker Demba Ba broke down late on Monday, with the Gunners reportedly hesitant over a $4.5 million asking price and Jose Mourinho's club unwilling to lend the forward to a title rival. That in turn seems to have led to Crystal Palace failing in its bid to sign Arsenal forward Nicklas Bendtner, with the Dane possibly needed at the Emirates.



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