Ancelotti happy with attacking style

Real Madrid boss content with counter-attacking qualities of squad as he sings the praises of Cristiano Ronaldo.

    Ancelotti happy with attacking style
    Ancelotti praised Ronaldo's professionalism in the wake of his mid-week hat-trick against Galatasaray [AFP]

    Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti has insisted he is happy for his side to continue with the counter-attacking style they have used to great effect in recent seasons.

    Madrid's pace and ruthlessness on the break was on full show as they scored five times in the final 35 minutes on their way to a 6-1 hammering of Galatasaray in their Champions League opener.

    And despite previously suggesting he would like his Real side to have a style more based on possession, Ancelotti acknowledged that he can't ignore the qualities that his players have on the break.

    "I can't go against the quality of my players, if we find the solution in three passes rather than 30 then we will do it," he told a press conference on Saturday.

    "We will look for quick attacks, we have players with a lot of quality on the counter-attack."

    Perfect example

    One of those who benefits most from playing on the break is Cristiano Ronaldo and he celebrated the signing of his new contract with the club with his 21st hat-trick for Madrid in midweek.

    And Ancelotti hailed the Portuguese as an example to the rest of the players in the squad.

    "He is a fantastic professional. He is very focused in the training sessions, even before and after them he works hard to recuperate. He is a very good example for the rest, above all for the young players. He has a lot of quality and is very professional."

    Ancelotti is expected to hand Gareth Bale his first taste of action at the Santiago Bernabeu from the start against Getafe on Sunday.

    The Welshman started and scored on his debut in last weekend's 2-2 draw with Villarreal before dropping to be bench against Galatasaray as he continues to work towards full match fitness.

    However, Ancelotti confirmed that Iker Casillas is definitely out after injuring a rib in midweek, whilst the game comes too early for Raphael Varane, Fabio Coentrao or Marcelo to make their return from injury either.

    And the Italian could have some problems in defence as Sergio Ramos is also struggling, leaving Pepe as his only fully fit central defender.



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