Arsenal triumph in North London derby

A first-half goal by Olivier Giroud gave hosts Arsenal a much-needed win over big-spending rivals Tottenham in the EPL.

    Arsenal triumph in North London derby
    Tottenham’s spending power did not give the visitors the advantage at the Emirates [AFP]

    Olivier Giroud settled the first north London derby of the season on Sunday as Arsenal asserted their supremacy over Tottenham on the pitch with a 1-0 victory despite months of lavish spending by their neighbours.

    Giroud turned the ball into the net from Theo Walcott's cross in the 23rd minute, showing that goals are the only currency that counts in the English Premier League.

    "We didn't give up and showed real togetherness,'' Giroud said.

    Big spenders


    Saturday 31 August

    Man City 2-0 Hull City 
    Cardiff City 0-0 Everton
    Newcastle 1-0 Fulham
    Norwich 1-0 Southampton
    West Ham 0-1 Stoke
    C Palace 3-1 Sunderland

    Sunday 1 September

    Liverpool 1-0 Man United
    West Brom 0-2 Swansea
    Arsenal 1-0 Tottenham

    While Arsenal have only signed two free agents in the summer transfer window, Tottenham have spent around $155 million strengthening the squad ahead of Gareth Bale's impending exit to Real Madrid.

    Spurs' expensive new recruits were frustrated in their route to the net, although goalkeeper Hugo Lloris restricted Arsenal to a single goal after 5-2 losses on the last two visits to the Emirates Stadium.

    Tottenham, though, haven’t managed to score from open play in three league matches so far, with the opening pair of victories gained through Roberto Soldado's penalties.

    But Arsenal's players, who faced intense criticism after opening the season with a shock home loss, have quickly recovered from collapsing to Aston Villa.

    The relief was clear on Sunday, with players celebrating on the pitch as if a trophy had been won, and some throwing their shirts into the crowd.

    Not only have they now won back-to-back Premier League matches, but a place in the lucrative Champions League group stage was secured via the playoffs last week.

    It was Arsenal which edged out Tottenham to the fourth and final Champions League place on the last day of last season, prompting Spurs' extravagant overhaul of its squad and the recruitment of a technical director at White Hart Lane.

    Improvement needed

    Yet, the new faces have had to adapt quickly to playing alongside each other, and they still need more time to gel. Such cohesion was missing in the first half in particular at Arsenal.

    Two free kicks were conceded on the edge of the penalty area alone in the opening five minutes, although Santi Cazorla saw one pushed clear and another was curled wide through the wall.

    An Arsenal surge down the right flank produced the opener, with Tomas Rosicky releasing Walcott, whose cross was turned in by Giroud past defender Michael Dawson.

    It was the first time Tottenham had conceded in their five games this season, including a pair of Europa League fixtures.

    Lloris prevented Arsenal from extending their lead after another dangerous moment down the right saw Aaron Ramsey feed Walcott, only for the England winger to be denied at a tight angle.

    This was the Gunners at their incisive best, sharper and slicker and enjoying more time on the ball.

    When Spurs did encroach on the Arsenal goal, the resulting shots were too tame, with Andros Townsend striking low straight at goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny.

    The resolute hosts avoided being unsettled by a blow just before half time when midfielder Jack Wilshere limped off and was replaced by Mathieu Flamini, who made his first appearance for Arsenal since April 2008 after returning last week.

    It was a livelier second half from Tottenham, which applied more pressure on the Arsenal defence but Szczesny was never seriously tested.

    Tottenham experienced their only injury setback when midfielder Etienne Capoue, who joined from Toulouse last month, was carried off on a stretcher after twisting his left fibula.

    Tottenham was short of luck in front of goal, too. Soldado couldn't find the net for a third successive game and when another new striker, Erik Lamela, came off the bench, he only managed to send a tame strike straight at Szczesny.

    And Lloris spared Tottenham from a heavier loss by saving from Walcott.



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