Kaka looks for way out of Real

With Gareth Bale heading to Real Madrid, former world footballer of the year Kaka hopes to escape before window closes.

    Kaka looks for way out of Real
    Kaka's (R) on pitch appearances have been limited to smaller competitions during the break [GALLO/GETTY]

    Real Madrid midfielder Kaka wants to leave the Spanish club after seeing that his role as a bench player has not changed under coach Carlo Ancelotti.

    Kaka said late on Thursday that he wanted to change clubs after scoring twogoals in a friendly for Madrid.

    "I have less and less of a place on the team," said Kaka.

    I don't want to have an ugly exit. That's why I am a professional ... I have to keep training because if I want to change teams, I need to be ready to play

    Kaka, Real Madrid midfielder

    "The club knows that I would like to leave and I want it to help me find a solution."

    The 31-year-old Brazilian will have until Monday to secure a move before the summer transfer window closes.

    Kaka said he wants to move to another European team, discarding a return to Brazil because 'the market is closed' there.

    "I don't know if there are offers for me," said Kaka.

    "But the club is talking to my father. They are looking at the possibilities to see if something comes up before Monday.

    "I don't want to have an ugly exit. That's why I am a professional... I have to keep training because if I want to change teams, I need to be ready to play.''

    Kaka joined Madrid from AC Milan in 2009 for $92 million. But after injuring his left knee, Kaka was never able to establish himself as a first-choice player under former coach Jose Mourinho.

    Kaka hasn't played in an official match since the arrival of Ancelotti, who coached him during his best seasons at Milan when he was named FIFA world player of the year in 2007.

    Already behind Mesut Ozil, Luka Modric and newcomer Fransisco 'Isco' Alarcon, Kaka could soon find himself pushed even further down the squad list if Madrid secures the transfer of Gareth Bale from Tottenham.

    Kaka was left out of Brazil's squad for the recent Confederations Cup that the country won on home soil. Brazil host the World Cup next summer.



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