Inter's European dreams fade

Inter Milan's hopes of earning a Champions League spot dashed after loss to Cagliari as Palermo draw with Bologna.

    Inter's European dreams fade
    In Trieste, a Mauricio Pinilla double condemned Inter to their third defeat in four matches [GALLO/GETTY]

    Inter Milan were at the wrong end of a penalty decision for the second week in a row on Sunday in Italy's Serie A, losing 2-0 at Cagliari after succumbing 4-3 to Atalanta in the previous round.

    Genoa and Sampdoria drew 1-1 in their derby and a blunder by Palermo goalkeeper Stefano Sorrentino, who appeared to forget the back pass rule, cost the relegation-threatened Sicilians a precious win against Bologna in another 1-1 draw.

    Cagliari's Mauricio Pinilla won and converted a 63rd minute penalty after he was caught by Matias Silvestre in what appeared a harsh decision and the Chilean also scored the second to hand Inter their fourth defeat in five league matches.


    Inter complained last week that they had not been awarded a penalty for 21 matches and club president Massimo Moratti said referees were not acting in good faith. Inter's complaints were criticised by other clubs including neighbours AC Milan.

    Inter, almost certain to be without Champions League football again next season, dropped to seventh with 50 points from 32 games.

    Cagliari played the match in Trieste, nearly 1,000 kms from their Sardinian base, due to security problems at the Is Arenas.

    A speculative cross-shot by Matuzalem in the 80th minute gave Genoa a point against Sampdoria, who had taken the lead with a free kick by his fellow Brazilian Eder which went under the defensive wall in the first half.

    Sampdoria had Andrea Costa sent off for a second bookable offence just before the equaliser.

    Palermo went ahead with a fourth minute goal by Josip Ilicic but Bologna levelled in bizarre circumstances.

    Sorrentino moved to pick up Michel Morganella's back pass, changed his mind, the ball went underneath him and Manolo Gabbiadini tapped into the empty goal.

    Palermo and Genoa stayed level on 28 points in the relegation zone, two behind Siena and safety. Pescara are bottom with 21.

    Colombian forward Luis Muriel scored twice to help Udinese to a 3-0 win at Parma in a midtable clash and Erik Lamela struck on the hour as AS Roma won 2-1 at Torino to go sixth with 51 points.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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