QPR sack manager Mark Hughes

The second London manager falls in three days as Premier League's bottom-dwellers Queens Park Rangers sack Mark Hughes.

    QPR sack manager Mark Hughes
    Hughes (L) and Di Matteo (R) have both been found surplus to requirements at their London clubs [GETTY]

    Queens Park Rangers fired Mark Hughes as manager on Friday, possibly paving the way for Harry Redknapp to take over the Premier League's last-placed team.

    Hughes became the second Premier League manager to be sacked this week - after Roberto Di Matteo at Chelsea on Wednesday - with the team without a victory this campaign and on just four points from 12 games.

    "Mark has shown integrity and professionalism throughout his time here, but ultimately the circumstances we find ourselves in have left the board of directors with very little choice but to make a change," QPR said in a statement.

    "Mark has shown integrity and professionalism here... but ultimately the  circumstances we find ourselves in have left the board of directors with very little choice but to make a change"

    QPR statement

    Redknapp is the big favourite to replace Hughes, having done little to dampen fevered speculation at the weekend. 

    Redknapp was fired by Tottenham in June, despite leading the club to a fourth-place finish last season, and had been in talks with Ukraine's football federation about taking over the national team.

    Hughes' uneasy 10-month stint at Loftus Road was left in the balance after Saturday's abject 3-1 loss to Southampton, a result that led to fans turning on the former Manchester United and Barcelona striker.

    Tellingly, QPR owner Tony Fernandes refused to defend Hughes last weekend, as he has done stridently in recent weeks.

    "This decision has been taken after careful consideration by the board of directors, following numerous meetings over the last few days,'' QPR said.

    "The board will now be working actively to put a new managerial structure in place as soon as possible."

    Assistant coaches Mark Bowen and Eddie Niedzwiecki will take charge of QPR's match at Manchester United in the Premier League on Saturday.



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