Alexis Sanchez: ' I am 5 out of 10'

Barcelona forward Sanchez admits his performances for the Catalan club have been below par and he can do much better.

    Alexis Sanchez: ' I am 5 out of 10'
    Barca have a perfect record in La Liga but Sanchez admits he has a way to go to reach perfection [AP]

    Barcelona striker Alexis Sanchez gave himself five out of 10 when asked to rate his first year with the Spanish soccer giants, and said on Wednesday his best was yet to come.

    Barca signed the Chile international from Italy's Udinese last year for a deal including variables that could rise to some $47million, but he has yet to really make his mark at the Nou Camp.

    "We haven't seen the best of Alexis yet," the 23-year-old told a news conference.

    "I am finding some form and as each game goes by I am improving a little more."

    "I need to get into the games more and take people on in one-on-one situations"

    Barcelona striker Alexis Sanchez

    Alexis was Barca's second-highest scorer behind Lionel Messi in La Liga last season with 11 goals, but suffered a string of niggly injuries in his first campaign.

    Under new coach Tito Vilanova this year, however, he has yet to score and he is struggling to make the starting 11 with competition from players such as Pedro, David Villa and youngster Cristian Tello.

    "I need to get into the games more and take people on in one-on-one situations," he said.

    "I know I can win a place. Step by step I am making my name here because I am Alexis. I would rate myself with a five (out of 10)."

    Barcelona top La Liga with five wins from five games and, after visiting Sevilla on Saturday, return to Champions League action away to Benfica next Tuesday.

    They top Group G after last week's 3-2 home win over Spartak Moscow.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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