Goals galore for Arsenal and Man Utd

Chelsea end unbeaten run as Arsenal and Manchester United record impressive victories in Premier League.

    Goals galore for Arsenal and Man Utd
    Nick Powell (L) scores on his debut for United to end the perfect match for Alex Ferguson's team [EPA]

    Manchester United and Arsenal were both on top form on Saturday with dominating victories over Wigan and Southampton.

    United boss Alex Ferguson celebrated three landmarks for his older players and two goals for new signings as his team upped the performance in the second half to record a 4-0 win over Wigan. 

    Arsene Wenger's Gunners put six past Premier League new boys Southampton as his team prove they can score without Robin van Persie.

    However, it was a more difficult day for European champions Chelsea and reigning Premier League champions Man City who could only manage draws away from home.

    With 10 points, Chelsea retain the lead of England's top division after a goalless draw with QPR.

    All eyes were on John Terry and Anton Ferdinand before the match as they faced each other for the first time since Terry was cleared of racially abusing the QPR defender. The tension was still palpable as Ferdinand chose to snub both Terry and Cole, who testified for his captain during the court case, in the pre-match team handshake.

    Results & fixtures

    Saturday Sept 15

     Norwich 0-0 West Ham 
     Arsenal 6-1 Southampton
     Aston Villa 2-0 Swansea
     Fulham 3-0 West Brom
     Man Utd 4-0 Wigan
     QPR 0-0 Chelsea
     Stoke 1-1 Man City
     Sunderland 1-1 Liverpool

    Sunday Sept 16

     Reading v Tottenham 

    Monday Sept 17

     Everton v Newcastle

    Terry was also booed and jeered throughout a game played in a hostile atmosphere at Loftus Road.

    After opening with three straight wins, Chelsea will be content enough with a draw after seeing QPR waste great chances in the second half through Park Ji-sung and Bobby Zamora.

    Defending champions City dropped points for only the second time this season with a 1-1 draw at Stoke.

    Peter Crouch gave Stoke the lead when he beat Joe Hart in the 15th minute but Javi Garcia equalised in the 35th. Garcia almost scored a last-minute winner but Asmir Begovic made a heroic save late on before Ryan Shawcross chased back after Edin Dzeko lobbed the goalkeeper in injury time.

    In a day of career milestones, Man United annihilated Wigan 4-0 at Old Trafford.

    Paul Scholes put United ahead during his 700th appearance for the club in the 51st minute with his 163rd United goal.

    Ryan Giggs also made his 600th Premier League appearance and defender Rio Ferdinand notched up his 400th game for the Red Devils.

    The game was also significant for left back Alex Buttner, 23, and 18-year-old forward Nick Powell who were both making their debuts for United and both scored.

    Javier Hernandez turned in Buttner's low cross to make it two before Buttner - who joined United from Vitesse Arnhem last month - scored with a superb solo effort to put them 3-0 up after 66 minutes. Powell, who replaced Giggs after 72 minutes, got the fourth 10 minutes after coming on with a stunning 20-metre shot.

    Before the match United manager Alex Ferguson praised all three veterans, telling reporters: "It's a landmark for the three of them and an example for younger players of what can be achieved if you make sacrifices in the game of football."

    Sweet six-team 

    Arsenal scored three goals in seven first-half minutes in sweeping aside Southampton 6-1, with Gervinho netting his first two goals of 2012.

    "It's a landmark for the three of them and an example for younger players of what can be achieved if you make sacrifices in the game of football"

    Man United boss Alex Ferguson

    Arsenal were helped by two own goals as they jumped out to a 4-0 lead by the 38th minute but it was still the type of high-scoring display that could help fans forget about the departure of Robin van Persie to Manchester United - at least for a little while.

    After opening the season with two scoreless draws, Arsenal now have two impressive wins in a row after beating Liverpool 2-0 away before the international break.

    Last-place Southampton remain without a point after four rounds.

    Liverpool are still without a win this season after coming from behind to draw 1-1 with Sunderland. With only two points to their name, Brendan Rodgers' team have got off to a poor start and he couldn't give fans the win they craved after an emotional week when the full scale of the Hillsborough tragedy was revealed.  

    After misfiring, Luis Suarez scored the crucial equaliser in the second half to level out Steven Fletcher's first half tap in, which came on the back of a brilliant mazy run from Craig Gardner. 

    Aston Villa scored twice to subject Swansea and new boss Michael Laudrup to their first defeat this season while Dimitar Berbatov got his first goal for Fulham in their impressive 3-0 victory over West Brom.   

    West Ham held firm to secure a dour 0-0 draw at Norwich and maintain the team's impressive return to England's top flight.

    The Hammers, who were without on-loan striker Andy Carroll because of injury, have seven points.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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