Super Mario helps Bayern Munich destroy Basel

Bayern Munich thrash Basel in Champions League while Marseille beat Inter Milan on away goals in late drama.

    Gomez (2nd R) was on target four times for Bayern Munich as they dominated match with Basel [GALLO/GETTY]

    Mario Gomez scored four goals as Bayern Munich stunned Champions League upstarts Basel 7-0 to reach the quarter-finals on Tuesday.

    The rampant Bavarians, who scored seven for the second match in a row, handsomely avenged their shock 1-0 first-leg defeat to go through 7-1 on aggregate and keep alive their dream of playing the final in their own Allianz Arena stadium.

    It was the biggest winning margin in a Champions League knockout round match and Basel's hopes of becoming the first Swiss team to reach the quarter-finals for 33 years were in tatters by halftime as Arjen Robben, Thomas Mueller and Gomez put Bayern 3-0 ahead.

    Gomez added three more 18 minutes after the interval, leaving him one short of Lionel Messi's record Champions League haul against Bayer Leverkusen last week, as Bayern enjoyed their biggest Champions League win and handed the Swiss their worst-ever European defeat.

    Robben's goal completed the ruthless rout that left few in doubt of Munich's firepower and potential to go far in the competition.  

    Late winner

    Olympique Marseille substitute Brandao scored in stoppage time to send the French side into the Champions League quarter-finals on away goals after a 2-1 loss at Inter Milan earned a 2-2 aggregate draw.

    Marseille, labouring in eighth in Ligue 1 but flying in the cups, have not reached the last eight since 1993 when they won the competition.

    Diego Milito's scrappy goal 15 minutes from time had given Inter hope after the hosts had huffed and puffed before finally breaching Marseille's defence.

    The ball bobbled around in the box like a pinball before the Argentine striker prodded home.

    Brandao then exposed Inter's defence when he turned on a long ball and confidently netted while there was even time for Marseille goalkeeper Steve Mandanda to be sent off for a foul in the box and Giampaolo Pazzini to score from the penalty.

    The result was a like a dagger to the heart for Inter boss Claudio Ranieri, whose position could now be in jeopardy after a string of poor results, while Marseille counterpart Didier Deschamps could not stop smiling after easing his own pressure.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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