Leonardo: Beckham can cope with French league

David Beckham's contract at LA Galaxy is nearly over and PSG's sporting director Leonardo is eager to bring him to club.

    Back to full fitness and following arrival of Robbie Keane, Beckham is enjoying his time at LA Galaxy [GALLO/GETTY] 

    David Beckham is wanted by Paris Saint-Germain sporting director Leonardo, who dismisses suggestions the former England captain is too old at 36 to play in the French league.

    They worked together when Beckham had a second loan to AC Milan last year, and Leonardo would welcome the chance to bring him to PSG - which has wealthy Qatari backers and spent $116 million this season.

    "Beckham is unique in the world of football. He's very happy in Los Angeles now,'' Leonardo said on Tuesday in an interview with sports daily L'Equipe.

    "Anything can happen. His family will weigh heavily in his choice.''

    "Have you seen him play recently? I know him really well. If he couldn't (play at this level), he wouldn't come"

    PSG sporting director Leonardo

    Beckham's Major League Soccer contract with the Los Angeles Galaxy expires this month.

    Leonardo says he has "had contacts" with him and insists Beckham's aging legs could cope with fighting for the French title.

    Beckham was voted comeback player of the year after missing most of the 2010 season because of a torn Achilles tendon. His good form has helped Los Angeles reach the MLS final against Houston Dynamo on Sunday.

    "Have you seen him play recently? I know him really well. If he couldn't (play at this level), he wouldn't come,'' Leonardo said.

    "He would be the first to say so. (Inter Milan defender Javier) Zanetti is 38. It's all in the mind."

    Massive investment

    Leonardo is "neither optimistic or pessimistic" over PSG's chances of signing Beckham in January, and says the player has not asked for any guarantees over playing time with a view to keeping in shape for the Olympic Games.

    "He's an intelligent player, he's never asked anybody for that,'' Leonardo said.

    Prince Sheik Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani, whose Qatar Sports Investments owns 70 percent of the club, has invested massively, breaking the French transfer record for Argentina midfielder Javier Pastore for $60 million.

    PSG has not won the French title since 1994 and last played in the Champions League seven years ago. PSG leads the French league by three points after 13 matches.

          Leonardo is considering securing both Carlo Ancelotti and David Beckham to PSG [GETTY]

    Despite the confident start, the club has been linked with a move for former Chelsea boss Carlo Ancelotti to replace Antoine Kombouare.

    Leonardo admits he spoke to Ancelotti last week in Paris.

    "He was in Paris. Yes, I saw him,'' Leonardo said.

    "There was no direct offer."

    Kombouare's job appears safe, for now.

    "We're in first place and doing a lot of good things, but there are also other areas where we could do better," Leonardo said.

    "Everyone's phoning Paris Saint-Germain these days. It's new and it's good for the club. My job is to talk to everyone, not necessarily to recruit such and such, but to build a network.

    "We have to think of the future, not just with Ancelotti. You have to be prepared for everything."



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