Cameroon players join the strike movement

With the national federation failing to pay bonuses the Cameroon players refuse to travel to Algeria for friendly match.

     Players refused to fulfill their national duty after disagreement over payment [GALLO/GETTY] 

    Cameroon players have gone on strike and refused to travel for a friendly against Algeria, saying they haven't been paid appearance money promised to them by their national federation.

    The players said they would not travel from Morocco to Algiers for Tuesday's match after complaining for a week that their federation had not fulfilled promises over bonuses.

    The dispute reportedly centers on a $30,000 appearance bonus for each player.

    "FAF deplores this unacceptable and anti-sporting situation"

    Algerian Football Federation statement

    "Taking into consideration the lack of an appearance bonus, a bonus which is an institution at every (squad) gathering; considering that the problem of bonus payments was already made clear one week ago and that no solution was
    forthcoming... the players have decided not to take the trip to Algiers to take part in the scheduled match against Algeria on Nov. 15,'' the players said in a statement.

    The Algerian Football Federation (FAF) cancelled the match and said it deplored the situation, calling it "unacceptable and anti-sporting."

    FAF said it was told on Monday by the president of Cameroon's federation that it would be "impossible" for Cameroon to travel for the friendly.

    "This cancellation is due to an internal administrative problem of the Cameroon national team,'' FAF said.

    "FAF deplores this unacceptable and anti-sporting situation."

    'No longer motivated'

    A report on Cameroon football website said the players were "no longer motivated," although they insisted in their statement that they still wanted to play for their country - once the federation honoured the payments.

    "The players of the national team reiterate their patriotic commitment and call on the football authorities of Cameroon to fulfill the minimum requirements with respect to them (the players),'' they said.

    Cameroon - a four-time African champion - are under French coach Denis Lavagne after they failed to qualify for next year's African Cup of Nations, leading to the exit last month of Spaniard Javier Clemente.

    The team beat Sudan 3-1 on Friday and edged Morocco in a penalty shootout on Sunday to win the LG Cup in Marrakech, but then took the decision to go on strike and refused to board a plane for Algiers.

    Cameroon's squad in Morocco is captained by Samuel Eto'o of Russian club Anzhi Makhachkala.



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