Fabio Capello: 'I could leave Rooney out'

After being sent off against Montenegro Capello says Wayne Rooney isn't guaranteed starting place for England in future.

     It is vital that England manager Fabio Capello gets the best out of Wayne Rooney [GALLO/GETTY]  

    Fabio Capello has warned Wayne Rooney that he will not be automatically recalled to the England team after serving his suspension at the European championship next year.

    Capello told British media he did not plan to start Rooney in any of the warm-up games before June's tournament following the striker's red card in Montenegro on Friday.

    UEFA will decide on Thursday whether Rooney serves the minimum one-match ban or any additional games at the finals in Ukraine and Poland but coach Capello stressed that he would not necessarily walk back into the side whatever the suspension.

    "I saw the game that Jermain Defoe played against Arsenal. He did really well. He ran a lot and pressed a lot. Daniel Sturridge is the same"

    Fabio Capello

    "I need to find the solution for the first game, or two games, that Rooney will not play," Capello told reporters.

    "And if we find that solution, he needs to work to return to the first 11.

    "You know me. Sometimes I make mistakes but I try to select the best players, in the best moment of form. There were two I did not select for this game who are doing really well.

    "I saw the game that Jermain Defoe played against Arsenal. He did really well. He ran a lot and pressed a lot. Daniel Sturridge is the same."

    Capello continued: "I could leave Rooney out. If the others are good they will play. In my life as a manager I have put on the bench a lot of good players."

    Not so fab to Fabio

    Capello defended the 25-year-old Manchester United striker after the match and has said that he would remain part of the squad, but there is no doubting his anger at what was a senseless kick on Miodrag Dzudovic 17 minutes from the end.

    England, needing just a point to seal their place at next year's finals, were leading 2-1 at the time before being pegged back to 2-2 in the final minute.

    Capello told the media that Rooney, who has now been sent off twice for England, would also miss their friendly with world champions Spain at Wembley next month.

    "Rooney will not play against Spain. I want to test new players, a new style and different movement," added Capello.

    "Sometimes he will come on at halftime. But not from the start. We need to prepare the first 11 who will start in the Euros.

    "I have got a lot of forwards at this moment, really good forwards, and I need to find the best solution."

    "I select the player, not the name," said Capello.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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