Beckham linked with Spurs and QPR

Tottenham boss Harry Redknapp says David Beckham is worth his weight in gold and would love to see him return to club.

     Beckham now plies his trade in the US after time in the Premier League and La Liga [GALLO/GETTY] 

    David Beckham's contract with Los Angeles Galaxy is not yet up but that has not stopped Premier League clubs linking themselves with the world's most famous footballer. 

    Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp said on Friday that he would welcome the former England captain with "open arms" and that this time Beckham could be registered as a player. 

    Beckham, 36, trained with Spurs earlier this year during the Major League Soccer close season although plans to register him as a player failed to materialise.

    Beckham, whose five-year contract with LA Galaxy ends in November, has often been linked with moving back to the UK and made no secret of wanting to return to Great Britain as an over-age player in next year's London Olympics.

    Redknapp, speaking before Spurs' match at Wolverhampton Wanderers on Saturday, told reporters: "He came and trained with us and he has been fantastic around the place, not only as a guy but also as a player. He is a great player still.

    "I found him to be an absolute top class professional and the type of player you would love to have around the young players who could look up to him as a great role model."

    Redknapp added he had not discussed the move with his chairman yet but said: "I don't think you would ever say 'no' to David Beckham, he would bring a lot to any football club."

    Earlier he told the English newspaper The Sun: "He's definitely still good enough to play in the Premier League.

    "He is worth his weight in gold. His game was never about pace so whether he's quick or not isn't an issue.

    "David's unique quality is his use of the ball and his ability to pick out a player with a pinpoint pass. He is
    unbelievable and still an exceptional talent.

         Redknapp would undoubtedly love to see both Modric and Beckham in white next season [GETTY] 

    "He wouldn't be able to play until the January transfer window opens, though, because we've already lodged our 25 players with the Premier League. But he'd be a great one to have around the club again."

    Queens Park Rangers have also been linked with a bid for Beckham.

    The Premier League newcomer's interest in bringing the former Manchester United and Real Madrid player to Loftus Road emerged in a tweet from owner Tony Fernandes.

    However, QPR manager Neil Warnock brushed away the rumours: "It is not a discussion chairman Tony Fernandes and I have had."

    Spurs, who have lost their opening two league matches to Manchester United and Manchester City, are set to give debut starts at Wolves to striker Emmanuel Adebayor and midfielder Scott Parker after they joined the club last month.

    After fighting to keep Luka Modric, it is likely Spurs Chairman Daniel Levy would be equally keen to fight off competition for Beckham, a player who would boost the profile and marketability of the club in an instant.  

    SOURCE: Agencies


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