Nasri and Mata seal transfers

French international completes move from Arsenal to Man City as Spain player arrives at Chelsea from Valencia.

    Nasri arrives at Easlands after his move from Arsenal and will go into the squad to face Spurs back in London [AFP]

    Manchester City signed France midfielder Samir Nasri from Arsenal on a four-year contract as Chelsea unveiled Spanish international Juan Mata as their new signing from Valencia.

    City did not give financial details of the deal but English media reported the transfer fee for the player was about $41 million.
    "The 24-year-old, adept in both wide and central roles, arrives in time to merit consideration for Sunday's game at White Hart Lane against Tottenham, his former club Arsenal's fierce rivals," City said in a statement on their website on Wednesday.
    Television pictures showed Nasri signing autographs and posing for photographs with fans outside City's stadium as manager Robert Mancini finally got the player he has been wanting to sign for much of the close season.

    Mancini has spoken of his frustration at the time it has taken to bring Nasri to Manchester, saying he would have preferred to bring him in earlier so he could get to work with his teammates before the season started.

    The Italian will have to work out how to fit Nasri into a team that already boasts another playmaker, David Silva, and attacking talent such as Sergio Aguero, Edin Dzeko, Carlos Tevez and Mario Balotelli.

    With City gearing up for their first European Champions League campaign when the group stage starts next month, Mancini has plenty of chances for squad rotation.

    Mancini has hinted he has not quite finished shopping in this transfer window, which shuts at the end of this month, having replied "I hope not" when asked last week whether Nasri would be the final player to arrive at the club.

    Mata in the door

    Chelsea signing Mata credited Spain teammate Fernando Torres in helping sway him to join the Premier League club.

    Mata signed a five-year contract Wednesday after Chelsea paid Valencia a reported $43 million for the forward, a member of Spain's World Cup-winning squad with Torres.

    "When he knew they were interested in signing me, he spoke with me and told me that playing abroad could be a very nice step for me," Mata said on Wednesday.

    "It's a new endeavor in my life, to develop personally and professionally. So I think I took the most logical decision."

    The 23-year-old Mata, who could make his debut against Norwich on Saturday, believes he will suit the style of play favoured by new Chelsea manager Andre Villas Boas.

    "He said he wanted Chelsea this season to play more attacking football, and that I would be a big part of that," Mata said.

    "Villas Boas is someone who won almost everything last year and we are both here with the idea of winning lots this season."

    SOURCE: Agencies


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