UAE player in trouble after trick-shot

United Arab Emirates player Theyab Awana could face sanctions after backheeling a penalty against Lebanon in a friendly.

    UAE coach Srecko Katanec took Awana off the pitch soon after his controversial penalty [EPA] 

    A United Arab Emirates player whose backheeled penalty in a friendly against Lebanon has become an Internet sensation, faces possible sanctions for being disrespectful.

    Video of Theyab Awana's goal in UAE's 7-2 win on Sunday has been popular on YouTube.

    Awana approaches the ball to kick what would be a typical penalty but spins and hits with his right backheel past a stunned goalkeeper.

    He struts away smiling and several Lebanese players can be seen angrily screaming at him.

    The unorthodox penalty has not only angered the Lebanese.

    UAE manager Esmaeel Rashed has told The National newspaper the move was "disrespectful" and that Awana could be punished.

    A meeting is set for late on Tuesday in which the team will decide what action to take against Awana, including a possible suspension or fine.

    "This is not respect, OK? I am unhappy. My reaction was normal. I took him out"

    UAE coach Srecko Katanec

    "This should have not happened," Rashed told the newspaper.

    "I think what happened is disrespectful. We cannot accept anyone in our team who does not respect the opponent."

    UAE coach Srecko Katanec was visibly angered by the shot and took Awana out of the match soon afterward.

    "We will resolve this inside our team and there will be no more talking about it," he said.

    "This is not respect, OK? I am unhappy. My reaction was normal. I took him out."

    Rashed has said Awana has apologised to the team for the shot.



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