UEFA rejects Real and Barca protests

European footballing body rejects protests lodged by Real Madrid and Barca following Champions league first-leg clash.

    Defensive midfielder Pepe was sent off for a tackle on Daniel Alves during the game prompting Real to claim Barcelona players were deliberately feigning injury [GALLO/GETTY]

    UEFA has thrown out protests made by Real Madrid and Barcelona against each other following their ill-tempered European Champions League semi-final first leg last week.

    Real Madrid had protested against diving and play-acting by Barcelona players who in turn complained about comments made by their opponents' coach Jose Mourinho.

    "The protests lodged by Real Madrid against the behaviour of the FC Barcelona players during the match and against the red card shown to Pepe are rejected," UEFA said in a statement on Monday.

    Decisions upheld

    "In the case of the behaviour of the Barcelona players, it was deemed that there was no common strategy to provoke the Real Madrid player, while in the case of Pepe, the referee's factual decision is upheld.

    "As a result, the player Pepe is suspended for the Barcelona-Real Madrid match on May 3.

    "The complaint lodged Barcelona against the comments made by the Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho to the press, was also rejected," UEFA said.

    "In this instance, Barcelona have been referred to the proceedings already brought against Jose Mourinho which will be heard ... on May 6.

    "No new disciplinary proceedings are therefore to be opened against Jose Mourinho on the basis of the complaint lodged by FC Barcelona."

    SOURCE: Reuters


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