Torres waiting on Blue debut

Chelsea coach Ancelotti unsure whether to start Torres against former club Liverpool as Spaniard vows not to kiss badge.

    Biter not a kisser: Torres said he did not kiss Liverpool's badge and would not kiss Chelsea's [GALLO/GETTY]

    Fernando Torres was waiting to hear whether he would line up against Liverpool after Chelsea manager Carlo Ancelotti said he was undecided about whether to start the Spaniard against the club he left this week.

    Former Atletico Madrid striker Torres moved to the English champions in a British-record $80.61 million move on the final day of the January transfer window.

    And he could be sighted in a blue shirt for the first time at Stamford Bridge on Sunday as Chelsea look to take advantage of Manchester United and Arsenal's slipups the day before.

    World Cup and European Championship winner Torres made it clear that he never became a Liverpool fan in his three-and-a-half years at the club – but said he was no Chelsea fan either.

    "I never kissed the Liverpool badge," he said.

    "I did it when I was in Atletico. I loved Atletico, my former club.

    Results & fixtures

    Saturday February 5

     Stoke 3-2 Sunderland
     Aston Villa 2-2 Fulham
     Everton 5-3 Blackpool
     Man City 3-0 West Brom
     Newcastle 4-4 Arsenal
     Tottenham 2-1 Bolton
     Wigan 4-3 Blackburn
     Wolves 2-1 Man Utd

    Sunday February 6

    West Ham v Birmingham
     Chelsea v Liverpool

    "When you join a club you want to do the best for the club and yourself, some people want to kiss the badge, they can do it, but I only want to score goals.

    "When I was born in Madrid I was not a Liverpool fan, I was not a Chelsea fan, I only was an Atletico Madrid fan, and I am an Atletico Madrid fan."

    Forward department

    After a stuttering start that has seen Chelsea fall 10 points off the pace, Ancelotti is suddenly spoilt for choice in the forward department after the acquisition of Torres, and could even play the Spaniard with fellow strikers Didier Drogba and Nicolas Anelka.

    "Fernando has the ability to play alone in front or with another player," Ancelotti told Chelsea's website ahead of the clash between the fourth and seventh-placed teams in the Premier League.

    "To play with another player you have to find the right combination, but he doesn't have a problem and Drogba doesn't have a problem to play with him.

    "Last year we played with Drogba and Anelka, people were surprised they could play together, we had just one striker with two in the hole. There will be a little change and I think we will be able to manage this without a problem."

    There is no agreement in place preventing Torres lining up against his teammates of less than a week ago but Ancelotti has not decided whether to play him from the start.

    "He only trained two or three times this week, he doesn't have a problem to play against Liverpool, he has the knowledge and experience to manage this kind of game," he said.

    "The only reason for me is just three days he trained with his teammates, just this."

    Chelsea, on 44 points in fourth, can go within two points of Manchester City in third if they win, while Liverpool can move into sixth after recovering form under returning manager Kenny Dalglish.

    The early kickoff on Sunday sees West Ham United host Birmingham City. A win for either side would take them out of the relegation zone.

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera and agencies


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