Spurs sunk by Blackpool

Blackpool pull off impressive 3-1 victory over Tottenham to move five points clear of EPL relegation zone.

    Blackpool's DJ Campbell is fouled by Spurs defender Sebastien Bassong for a costly penalty [AFP]

    Tottenham Hotspur missed the chance to climb to third place in the English Premier League when they suffered a 3-1 defeat at lowly Blackpool despite dominating the game for long periods at Bloomfield Road on Tuesday.

    Blackpool, who are up to 12th having started the match just two points clear of the relegation zone, succeeded where AC Milan failed in the Champions League last week with goals from Charlie Adam, DJ Campbell and Brett Ormerod.

    Spurs, who beat Milan 1-0 at the San Siro in their last 16 first-leg tie after climbing to fourth in the Premier League on the back of three straight wins, only had a late consolation from Roman Pavlyuchenko to show for their attacking prowess.

    Tottenham remain two points clear of Chelsea, with 47 points from 27 games, but have played a game more in the race for a top-four finish and Champions League qualifying spot.

    Spirited performance

    Results & fixtures

    Tuesday February 22

     Blackpool 3-1 Spurs

    Wed February 23

     Arsenal v Stoke

    Spurs had 25 goal attempts, shots cleared off the line and penalty appeals turned down but the pluck and spirit Blackpool have shown throughout their first season in the top flight for 39 years saw them take all three points.

    "It was one of the best nights I can remember here," Blackpool boss Ian Holloway said

    "The boys have got great spirit and they deserved to win that after the way we lost to Manchester United after leading 2-0.

    "If you look at it chance by chance they outdid us by a long way but we dug in," he added.

    Adam, the target of a Spurs approach in the transfer window, put Blackpool ahead with a penalty in the 18th minute after Sebastien Bassong barged over Campbell, who himself ended a swift counter-attack with their second just before half-time.

    Ormerod then wrapped up the victory with his first Premier League goal for seven years 10 minutes from time.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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