Redknapp: 'Becks wants to join us'

Tottenham manager says former England captain could join EPL high-flyers on a three-month loan from Los Angeles Galaxy.

    Heading for the exit? Beckham is mobbed by fans after a Galaxy friendly in Australia in November [GALLO/GETTY]

    Los Angeles Galaxy midfielder David Beckham is keen to join Tottenham Hotspur on loan, according to the London club's manager Harry Redknapp.

    "He just said he'd like to come and play here at Tottenham," Redknapp told reporters after Spurs beat Fulham 1-0 on Saturday to move up to fourth in the English Premier League.

    Former England captain Beckham played on loan at AC Milan during Major League Soccer close seasons in 2009 and 2010. The next season starts on March 15.

    "We'd have to (move fast)," said Redknapp.

    "I've left it to the people at the club (Spurs). They're talking to whoever they have to talk to at his club."

    Redknapp said Darren Eales, Tottenham's director of football administration, was trying to persuade Galaxy to allow Beckham to join Spurs, who are in the last 16 of the European Champions League.

    "We'll contact LA Galaxy to see if they will let him go and if David is up for a three-month deal, we will definitely be interested," Redknapp had said on Friday.

    Beckham, 35, said in October he would not go out on loan again after missing last year's World Cup in South Africa with an Achilles tendon injury picked up playing for AC Milan, who face Spurs in the Champions League first knockout round next month.

    Everton turned down

    The Londoner, who has 115 England caps, has already turned down the opportunity to join Everton on loan while Galaxy could also be reluctant to let him go after last season's injury.

    "I'm sure he can still do a great job at the top level otherwise I wouldn't bother. He isn't going to come here and get big money...but he wants to come over here to the freezing cold and play football"

    Harry Redknapp, Tottenham manager

    However, Beckham appears to have had a change of heart and wants a spell back in the English top flight almost eight years after he left Manchester United for Real Madrid.

    He has maintained his desire to play for his country and a temporary move to London could appeal as he looks to force his way back into England manager Fabio Capello's plans.

    Redknapp wants Beckham to provide cover for fellow England right winger Aaron Lennon, with David Bentley having struggled since his big-money move from Blackburn Rovers two-and-a-half years ago.

    "We've got no one else to play on the right," said Redknapp.

    "David Bentley keeps picking up injuries on a Friday morning. It's a no brainer."

    "I'm sure he (Beckham) can still do a great job at the top level otherwise I wouldn't bother.

    "He isn't going to come here and get big money – we aren't massive payers at this club. But he wants to come over here to the freezing cold and play football.

    "Doesn't that tell you something about the boy, that he lives in Los Angeles and might be a billionaire?".
    Tottenham have enjoyed a superb spell under Redknapp and are just five points behind leaders Manchester United, having played a game more.

    Redknapp's team visit Everton on Wednesday before facing United in their next home league match on January 16.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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