Cancellara wins Vuelta individual time trial

Italian Vincenzo Nibali moves into overall lead as former Olympic champion Fabian Cancellara shows skills in the hills.

    Cancellara celebrates 11th stage victory in Tarazona, Spain after impressive individual display[EPA]
    Cancellara celebrates 11th stage victory in Tarazona, Spain after impressive individual display[EPA]

    Fabian Cancellara of Switzerland won stage 11 of the Tour of Spain cycle race on Wednesday, a 38.8-kilometre time trial, and Italy's Vincenzo Nibali moved into the overall lead.

    Former world and Olympic time trial champion Cancellara finished ahead of Germany's Tony Martin on the hilly individual time trial starting and finishing in Tarazona.

    Italy's Domenico Pozzovivo finished in third with Nibali fourth.

    Nibali regained the overall lead he had held earlier in the race, with Ireland's Nicolas Roche second.

    The race, which is the final grand tour of the season, finishes on September 15 in Madrid after 21 gruelling stages.

    Leaders from Vuelta a Espana:

    1. Vincenzo Nibali (Italy / Astana) 41:22:22"
    2. Nicolas Roche (Ireland / Saxo - Tinkoff) +33"
    3. Alejandro Valverde (Spain / Movistar) +46"
    4. Chris Horner (U.S. / RadioShack)
    5. Joaquim Rodriguez (Spain / Katusha) +2:33"
    6. Domenico Pozzovivo (Italy / AG2R) +2:44"
    7. Ivan Basso (Italy / Cannondale) +2:55"
    8. Thibaut Pinot (France / +3:35"
    9. Rafal Majka (Poland / Saxo - Tinkoff) +3:46"
    10. Daniel Moreno (Spain / Katusha) +3:56"

    Team classification:

    1. Astana(Kazakhstan) 123:19:33"
    2. Saxo - Tinkoff(Denmark) +33"
    3. Movistar(Spain) +2:57"
    4. Euskaltel(Spain) +8:56"
    5. Katusha(Russia) +11:18"
    6. NetApp(Germany) +12:02"
    7. RadioShack(Luxembourg) +13:56"
    8. +19:24"
    9. BMC Racing(United States) +24:08"
    10. Team Sky(Britain) +29:07" 

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera and agencies


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