Stimpson wins Games' first gold

England athlete wins women's triathlon event in Glasgow with Canada taking silver and England winning bronze medal.

    Stimpson won gold in one hour, 58 minutes and 56 seconds [AFP]
    Stimpson won gold in one hour, 58 minutes and 56 seconds [AFP]

    England triathlete Jodie Stimpson won the first gold medal of the 2014 Commonwealth Games after she completed the 1,500m swim, 40km cycle and 10km run in an unofficial time of one hour, 58 minutes, 56 seconds at Strathclyde Country Park outside Glasgow.

    Kirsten Sweetland of Canada took the silver and England's Vicky Holland earned the bronze. Stimpson and Sweetland were tied for first after the bike leg, with Holland in fourth.

    Later, Alistair Brownlee continued England's golden start when he won the triathlon with a dominant display.

    Olympic champion Brownlee, 24, duelled with younger brother Jonathan for much of the race but pulled away when he upped the pace over the last five kilometres to take the gold.

    He crossed the finish line in one hour 48 minutes 50 seconds at the Strathclyde Country Park, 11 seconds ahead of his sibling.

    South Africa's Richard Murray finished strongly to take bronze.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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