South Africa win gold in sevens

New Zealand lose their first Commonwealth rugby match since the sport's debut in 1998 as they lose the final 17-12.

    Cecil Afrika scored with three minutes remaining to put the game beyond doubt for South Africa [GALLO/GETTY]
    Cecil Afrika scored with three minutes remaining to put the game beyond doubt for South Africa [GALLO/GETTY]

    South Africa ended New Zealand's dominance of the Commonwealth Games rugby sevens with a 17-12 victory at Ibrox Stadium to win the gold medal.

    New Zealand had not lost a Commonwealth match since the sport made its debut in 1998 and they looked to be heading for a fifth consecutive gold when Sherwin Stowers crossed in the first half.

    Commonwealth medal table
        Country       G   S   B   Total
    1  Australia      29  22   28    79 
    2  England       25  21   21    67
    3  Scotland      12   8    12    32

    South Africa, who beat Samoa 35-7 to reach the final, came storming back and Seabelo Senatla grabbed two quick tries either side of halftime before Cecil Afrika scored with three minutes remaining.

    Joe Webber pulled a late try for New Zealand, setting up a nervous few minutes for Neil Powell's side but the Africans held on for victory.

    NZ's Missed chances

    "As a country we have a lot of chances to win medals but as a New Zealand rugby player it is disappointing to come second."

    Australia, who lost 19-7 to New Zealand in the semi-finals, beat Samoa 24-0 to win bronze.  

    Elsewhere, India won its fourth shooting gold medal of the Commonwealth Games when Jitu Rai won the 50-meter pistol event.

    Rai, ranked fourth in the world and competing in his first Commonwealth Games, broke the games record in the event. He finished ahead of countryman Gurpal Singh, with Daniel Repacholi of Australia earning the bronze.

    India leads all countries in shooting at the games with four golds, seven silver and a bronze medal.

    World squash champion Nicol David of Malaysia, the gold medalist from New Delhi in 2010, successfully defended her women's singles title with a 12-10, 11-2, 11-5 win over Laura Massaro of England in just 44 minutes.

    There was a brief stoppage in play in the third game when Massaro was hit in the face by David's racket during a rally. Nick Matthew won the men's singles gold when he beat fellow Englishman James Willstrop 11-9, 8-11, 11-5, 6-11, 11-5. 

    SOURCE: Reuters


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