De Villiers smashes fastest ODI century

South African captain's whirlwind 149 off just 44 balls takes his side to a 148-run win over the West Indies.

    AB de Villiers hit a record-equalling 16 sixes in his innings [Reuters]
    AB de Villiers hit a record-equalling 16 sixes in his innings [Reuters]

    AB de Villiers took 31 balls to smash the fastest century in ODIs as South Africa crushed West Indies by 148 runs at The Wanderers.

    Fastest ODI centuries 


    AB de Villiers (South Africa) - 31 balls

    Corey Anderson (NZ) - 36 balls

    Shahid Afridi (Pakistan) - 37 balls

    Mark Boucher (SA) - 44 balls

    Brian Lara (West Indies) - 45 balls

    The Proteas posted 439 for two wickets, their highest team total in this format, before restricting the tourists to 291 for seven in their 50 overs to take a 2-0 lead in the five-match series.

    De Villiers blasted a record-equalling 16 sixes and nine fours in his blistering 44-ball knock of 149, bettering New Zealander Corey Anderson's 36-ball century against West Indies last year.

    Hashim Amla (153 not out) and Rilee Rossouw (128) also picked up tons in the South African innings on a flat Wanderers pitch, before Morne Morkel and Vernon Philander picked up two wickets each with the ball.

    Dwayne Smith (64) and Denesh Ramdin (57) were the pick of the visiting batsman but no-one could match the explosiveness and De Villiers to give West Indies a chance at the win.

    The third ODI will be played in East London on Wednesday.


    South Africa 439-2 in 50 overs (Amla 153, Russell 1-78)

    West Indies 291-7 in 50 overs (Smith 64, Morkel 2-43)

    SOURCE: Reuters


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