Root's ton keeps ODI series alive

Joe Root hits third ODI century as England beat Sri Lanka in the fifth game on the reserve day to keep series alive.

    Root hit seven fours in his 117-ball knock [Getty Images]
    Root hit seven fours in his 117-ball knock [Getty Images]

    Joe Root's third hundred powered England to a five-wicket victory over Sri Lanka in the fifth ODI in Pallekele and kept alive their hopes in the seven-match series.

    After rain forced play to be suspended on Wednesday, the visitors returned to chase down a 240-run victory target with five balls to spare. They trail the hosts 3-2 in the series.

    The 23-year-old Root (104 not out) added 104 for the third wicket with James Taylor (68) after England lost both openers cheaply to off-spinner Sachithra Senanayake.

    The Yorkshire right-hander, who hit seven fours in his 117-ball knock, reached his hundred by slog-sweeping Ajantha Mendis for a six in the penultimate over.

    Earlier, England paceman Chris Woakes (6-47) tore through the Sri Lankan lower order to bowl out the hosts for 239 in 49 overs on Wednesday despite a cultured 91 from Kumar Sangakkara.

    A torrential downpour then kept the players off the pitch and prompted the match officials to abandon the day's play.


    Sri Lanka 239 all out in 49 overs (Sangakkara 91, Woakes 6-47)

    England 240-5 in 49.1 overs (Root 104*, Senanayake 2-41)

    SOURCE: Reuters


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