Captain Kohli leads India's fightback

Virat Kohli gets hits on the helmet before scoring a century as the tourists stay alive in first Test against Australia.

    Kohli is leading the side in Dhoni's absence [Getty Images]
    Kohli is leading the side in Dhoni's absence [Getty Images]

    Captain Virat Kohli scored a rousing century after being struck on the head with a bouncer to guide India past the follow-on mark on day three of the first Test against Australia in Adelaide.

    Standing in for injured regular skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Kohli's 115 helped push the tourists within 148 runs of Australia's first innings total of 517-7, with the hosts declaring before the start of play at Adelaide Oval.

    Paceman Mitchell Johnson struck Kohli on the helmet first ball and ended up dismissing him late in the day when the batsman miscued a pull shot to deep fine leg where Ryan Harris charged in to take a fine, low catch.

    Wicketkeeper Wriddhiman Saha (one not out) rode out a tense few overs to stumps, with middle order batsman Rohit Sharma on 33.

    Having been largely dominated on the field, Kohli's wicket left the test evenly poised, according to Australia spinner Nathan Lyon, who bowled well for his two wickets.

    "It's pretty even-stevens, really," he told state radio ABC.

    "They batted well but they're still five down and we've still got a lead of 140 or so. So if we come out and bowl well tomorrow, hopefully we can get a good solid lead."


    Australia 517-7d (Smith 162, Shami 2-120)

    India 369-5 (Kohli 115, Johnson 2-90)

    SOURCE: Reuters


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