Afridi to retire from ODIs after World Cup

Pakistan all-rounder will continue to play Twenty20s until the 2016 World T20, eyes 8,000-run mark in ODIs.

    Afridi has scored 7,870 runs and taken 391 wickets in ODIs [AP]
    Afridi has scored 7,870 runs and taken 391 wickets in ODIs [AP]

    Pakistan's experienced all-rounder Shahid Afridi has announced his retirement from ODIs after next year's World Cup in Australia and New Zealand.

    Afridi's ODI record

    Matches: 389

    Runs: 7,870

    Avg: 23.5

    S/R: 116.3

    Highest: 124

    Wickets: 391

    Avg: 33.9

    Best: 7-12

    Afridi, captain of the national T20 side, told a news conference on Sunday that after the World Cup, which starts on February 14, he will focus on T20 matches leading up to the World T20 in India the following year.

    "I am the first Pakistan player to be able to announce his retirement properly and on a high. I always wanted to do this having seen the problems faced by other bigger players in the past," he said.

    "I have informed the Pakistan team management about my decision but not the cricket board as yet. I want to go out of ODIs with self-respect and with my fans wanting more from me."

    Afridi, 34, has played 389 ODIs plus 27 Tests and 77 T20Is for Pakistan.

    He held the ODI record for the fastest century, set in 1996 against Sri Lanka, until New Zealand's Corey Anderson bettered it this year.

    "Having taken a decision it is a big burden off my mind and I am confident I will be able to focus on giving my best in the World Cup. It was not an easy decision to take and I think many of my seniors also found it difficult to go out at the right time.

    "But no one is indispensable in cricket and I am sure sooner or later someone will take my place in ODIs as well."

    SOURCE: Reuters


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