Pakistan press on after NZ crumble

Tom Latham hits maiden Test century but Rahat Ali's four-wicket haul helps Pakistan take 304-run lead in 1st Test.

    Rahat Ali gave away just 22 runs off his 17 overs [Getty Images]
    Rahat Ali gave away just 22 runs off his 17 overs [Getty Images]

    Tom Latham struck his maiden Test century but New Zealand crumbled to 262 all out, conceding a 304-run first-innings lead as well as control of the first test to Pakistan in Abu Dhabi.

    Left-arm pace bowler Rahat Ali claimed four wickets and spinner Zulfiqar Babar dismissed three New Zealand batsmen on a perfect third day for Pakistan who have dominated all nine sessions of the match but did not enforce follow-on.

    Pakistan were 15 for no loss at stumps having stretched their overall lead to 319 runs, although they will be without opener Ahmed Shehzad, who suffered a fractured skull in the first innings, for the rest of the match.

    Azhar Ali was unbeaten on nine with Mohammad Hafeez on five as they survived the last half an hour without alarm.


    Pakistan 566-3d & 15-0 (Azhar 9*, Southee 0-4)

    New Zealand 262 (Latham 103, Rahat 4-22)

    SOURCE: Reuters


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