McCullum's double puts NZ in control

Tourists lead Pakistan by 286 runs in the third and final Test after captain Brendon McCullum's blistering innings.

    McCullum's double-century was the fourth fastest in Test cricket [Getty Images]
    McCullum's double-century was the fourth fastest in Test cricket [Getty Images]

    Captain Brendon McCullum's blistering double hundred and a record 297-run stand with centurion Kane Williamson put New Zealand firmly in control of the third and final Test against Pakistan in Sharjah.

    McCullum (202) fell two balls after completing his fourth double hundred in Tests, the fourth fastest ever, but the visitors continued to pile on runs and reached 637 for eight at stumps on the third day, a first-innings lead of 286.

    Williamson also reached his eighth hundred in the morning and was out for 192, his highest Test score, by the first ball after tea as New Zealand, trailing 1-0 in the series, continued to score runs at a fierce pace.

    Resuming on 249-1, the aggressive duo of McCullum and Williamson hit boundaries off pacemen and spinners at will on their way to breaking New Zealand's record for the highest second-wicket test partnership.

    The 33-year-old McCullum, who hit 21 fours in his 188-ball knock, got past his double-hundred against leg-spinner Yasir Shah with his 11th six but was bowled round his legs in the same over while attempting a sweep shot.

    The celebration was again muted in memory of Australian Phillip Hughes, who died on Thursday after being hit on the neck by a bouncer two days earlier, with both sets of players continuing to wear black armbands.

    There was also no jubilation from Williamson after he drove Mohammad Talha for a boundary to bring up his century.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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