Latham's ton makes Pakistan toil

Tom Latham's unbeaten century helps New Zealand put up 243 for three wickets on the opening day of the second Test.

    Latham is playing just his sixth Test [Getty Images]
    Latham is playing just his sixth Test [Getty Images]

    Opener Tom Latham struck his second consecutive hundred to keep New Zealand on course for a big first-innings total on the opening day of the second Test against Pakistan.

    Opting to bat first at the Dubai International Cricket Stadium, the visitors, trailing 1-0 in the three-Test series, reached 243 for three wickets at close.

    Latham, who scored a century in the first Test in Abu Dhabi, remained unbeaten on 137 with Corey Anderson on seven.

    The 22-year-old Latham, playing his sixth Test, displayed good temperament and solid technique against both the fast-bowlers and the spinners and reached his century with a single off paceman Ehsan Adil.

    The left-handed batsman survived a close lbw appeal against Adil on 11 and edged Rahat Ali on 71 but the ball went between the wicketkeeper and first slip.

    Azhar Ali dropped Latham at gully after the batsman had reached his hundred and failed to latch on to a sharp chance at silly point off Ross Taylor.

    Pakistan, who won the first Test by 248 runs, went in with a new left-handed opening pair after Ahmed Shehzad and Mohammad Hafeez failed to recover from injuries.

    Masood, with just two test caps, and Taufeeq Umar, who last played in July 2012, will open the batting for the hosts.


    New Zealand 243-3 in 87 overs (Latham 137*, Adil 1-47)

    SOURCE: Reuters


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