Kiwis behind after Pakistan's run-fest

Shehzad suffers minor fracture as he was dismissed for a personal best; Younis, Misbah hit tons in the opening Test.

    Shehzad scored a personal best 176 before being out hit-wicket [Getty Images]
    Shehzad scored a personal best 176 before being out hit-wicket [Getty Images]

    Ahmed Shehzad hit a career-best 176 while Younis Khan and Misbah-ul-Haq struck unbeaten centuries before Pakistan declared their first-innings on 566 for three in the first Test against New Zealand in Abu Dhabi.

    In a lop-sided contest between bat and ball at the Sheikh Zayed Stadium, Azhar Ali's 87 was the lowest score by a top five Pakistani batsman while the bottom half of their batting order did not get a chance to bat.

    Shehzad, who had added 178 runs with Mohammad Hafeez to give Pakistan a flying start on Sunday, raised 169 for the second wicket with Azhar to put his team on top.

    Corey Anderson finally got the breakthrough in the final over before lunch when he sent down a bouncer and Shehzad missed the line attempting a hook shot.

    The ball hit the side of his helmet and the overbalancing batsman dropped his bat which hit the stump before a dazed-looking Shehzad needed to be helped off the field.

    Continuing the good work, Younis (100*) hit his fourth century in five innings while Misbah (102*) struck his third successive Test hundred in a 193-run unbroken partnership.

    Openers Brendon McCullum (nine) and Tom Latham (five) survived seven overs to guide New Zealand to 15 at stumps on day two, with the team still needing 352 more runs just to avoid the follow-on.


    Pakistan 566-3 (Shehzad 176, Anderson 2-68)

    New Zealand 15-0 (McCullum 9*, Rahat 0-1)


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