Australia staring at defeat in Abu Dhabi

Pakistan end day three of second Test 370 runs ahead after the tourists were dismissed for 261 in their first-innings.

    Australian batsmen's reluctance to be patient proved to be their downfall [Getty Images]
    Australian batsmen's reluctance to be patient proved to be their downfall [Getty Images]

    Australia were staring at a 2-0 series defeat after Pakistan's bowlers exposed their frailties against spin and reverse swing on day three of the second and final Test in Abu Dhabi.

    Resuming on 22-1, Mitchell Marsh (87) and captain Michael Clarke (47) offered some resistance before Australia collapsed for 261 soon after tea, 309 runs behind Pakistan's first innings total.

    Pakistan, who declared their first innings on 570-6, did not force the follow-on even though Australia fell 110 runs short of the mark and decided instead to set them a target to chase.

    Mitchell Johnson removed both their openers in the second innings, but Pakistan, who comprehensively won the first Test in Dubai, stretched their overall lead to 370 at the close.

    Younis Khan, who has hit 106, 103 not out and 213 in his last three innings in the series, was unbeaten on 16 with Azhar Ali on 21.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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