India suspends WI tours after pullout

Indian cricket board will also take legal action against the West Indies board after an abrupt pullout last week.

    The West Indies players had refused to play after a protracted payment dispute [AFP]
    The West Indies players had refused to play after a protracted payment dispute [AFP]

    The Indian cricket board has suspended all future tours with West Indies and said it will take legal action against the Caribbean board for their team's abrupt pullout from their India tour last week.

    The tourists abandoned the series after Friday's fourth ODI, with another one-dayer, a Twenty20 international and three Test matches left to play, over a protracted payment dispute between the players and their board.

    "BCCI will initiate legal proceedings against West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) due to the abrupt cancellation of this tour," Indian cricket board secretary Sanjay Patel said in a statement.

    "All bilateral tours between BCCI and WICB stand suspended," he added after the board's working committee meeting in Hyderabad on Tuesday.

    To fill the void, the BCCI swiftly arranged a five-match One Day International series with Sri Lanka next month.

    "The members appreciated the gesture of the Sri Lankan Cricket Board for having accepted our request to play 5 ODIs starting from 2nd of November 2014, at such a short notice," Patel said.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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