England in control of final Test

Root, Cook and Ballance hit half-centuries as the Indians struggle in the field on the second day of the fifth Test.

    Root needs another eight runs to reach his fifth Test century [REUTERS]
    Root needs another eight runs to reach his fifth Test century [REUTERS]

    Joe Root passed fifty for the fifth time in the series to lift England to 385 for seven and a lead of 237 runs at the close on the second day of the fifth Test against India at The Oval.

    Alastair Cook made 79, Gary Ballance 64 and Jos Buttler 45 as England turned the screw after their four-pronged seam attack dismissed the touring side for 148 on the first day.

    Second day scorecard

    India first innings 148 
    England first innings

    A Cook c Vijay b Aaron 79
    S Robson b Aaron 37
    G Ballance c Pujara b Ashwin 64
    I Bell c Dhoni b Sharma 7
    J Root not out 92
    J Buttler c Ashwin b Sharma 45
    C Woakes c Dhoni b Kumar 0
    C Jordan not out 19

    Extras (b14 lb3 nb10 w1) 28
    Total (for 7 wickets, 105 overs) 385
    Fall of wickets: 1-66, 2-191, 3-201, 4-204, 5-229, 6-309, 7-318

    Root ended on 92 not out with Chris Jordan on 19 and England will look to add quick runs in the morning before attempting to bowl out India again to clinch the series which they lead 2-1.

    Resuming on 62 for no wicket, England opener Sam Robson fell for 37 in the second over of the day when he misjudged a full straight delivery from Arun Aaron which crashed into his off stump to end a first-wicket stand of 66.

    England took lunch on 148 for one but Cook was dropped twice after the interval before pushing at a wide ball from Aaron and being well caught low down by Murali Vijay at first slip to end a second-wicket partnership of 125.

    Ballance reached his third fifty in eight Tests to go with three centuries before prodding a turning delivery from spinner Ashwin straight to Cheteshwar Pujara at silly mid off.

    Ian Bell, on seven, received a snorting ball from Ishant Sharma which he could only edge to wicketkeeper MS Dhoni, the third wicket to fall for the addition of only 13 runs.

    Moeen Ali batted fluently, clipping two sweetly-struck fours off his legs, and he was unfortunate to be dismissed for 14 when he chopped a ball from Ashwin back on to his stumps.

    Root reached his fifty off 93 balls, including a six and two fours, to become the fourth England batsman to pass fifty in every Test of a five-match series.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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