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Ajmal to miss ODIs vs Sri Lanka

Pakistan off-spinner will fly out to Brisbane for tests on his action which was reported during the recent Test series.

    Ajmal was cleared by the ICC in 2009 for the first time [AP]
    Ajmal was cleared by the ICC in 2009 for the first time [AP]

    Pakistan spinner Saeed Ajmal will miss at least the first One-Day International against Sri Lanka on August 23 as he is flying to Brisbane to undergo tests on his bowling action.

    A senior official of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) told Reuters on Thursday that Ajmal might also miss the second of three ODIs in Colombo on August 27 if his tests take time in Brisbane.

    Ajmal's bowling action was reported by the umpires and match referee to the ICC after the first test against Sri Lanka in Galle earlier this month. He is still free to play.

    "Right now he will be flying to Brisbane to an ICC accredited biomechanics lab when the first ODI is to be played and his test is scheduled for the 24th," the official said. "He will be accompanied by a doctor of our medical panel, Dr Sohail Saleem."

    The PCB official said that around 30 deliveries from Galle had been mentioned in the report received by the board.

    Ajmal, 36, has been Pakistan's leading bowler in recent years with 178 wickets in 35 Tests and 182 ODIs and 85 Twenty20 wickets.

    His action was also reported in 2009 but he was cleared after tests.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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