Sri Lanka fight back after Elgar's ton

Hosts restrict South Africa on the opening day of the first Test after batsman Dean Elgar hit his second Test century.

    Elgar's innings lasted 187 balls where he hit 11 fours and three sixes [AFP]
    Elgar's innings lasted 187 balls where he hit 11 fours and three sixes [AFP]

    Opener Dean Elgar notched a superb 103 as South Africa reached 268-5 on the opening day of the first Test against Sri Lanka.

    Elgar dominated both pace and spin bowling to smash 11 fours and three sixes during his 187-ball knock and was supported well by Faf du Plessis, who struck a fine 80 coming in at number three. Elgar batted just over two sessions and hit three sixes and 11 fours to bring up his second Test century.

    First day scorecard

    South Africa first innings

    A Petersen lbw b Perera 34
    D Elgar c Chandimal b Lakmal 103
    F du Plessis c Silva b Perera 80
    H. Amla c Perera b Herath 11
    AB de Villiers b Lakmal 21
    Q de Kock not out 17
    D Steyn not out 0

    Extras: (lb-2) 2
    Total: (five wickets; 91 overs) 268
    Fall of wickets: 1-70 2-195 3-220 4-246 5-266

    However, the hosts hit back in the final session with four wickets as South Africa suffered a middle-order slump.

    At stumps, wicket-keeper Quinton de Kock was batting on 17 and Dale Steyn was yet to score.

    The left-handed Elgar seized the early initiative with free strokes against the seam bowlers and good use of the feet against spinners. Elgar and de Plessis were not afraid to go for the shots and also rotated the strike well in what was the fourth century partnership between them. The pair added 125 runs for the second wicket after Elgar and Alviro Petersen had put on 70 in their opening stand.

    Elgar got to the three-figure mark with a six to long-on off off-spinner Dilruwan Perera to move from 96 to 102 after batting cautiously earlier in the 90s. He was caught behind swishing at a delivery from seam bowler Suranga Lakmal, who bagged two wickets in the last session.

    South Africa had looked set to end the day in a better position but lost new captain Hashim Amla for 11 with Du Plessis and AB de Villiers (21) also following him as South Africa slipped from 195-1 to 266-5.



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