Sharma guides India to glory at Lord's

Fast-bowler Ishant Sharma picks up seven wickets as India thrash England by 95 runs to win the second Test at Lord's.

    England batsmen kept falling in the short-ball trap laid by Sharma [REUTERS]
    England batsmen kept falling in the short-ball trap laid by Sharma [REUTERS]

    Ishant Sharma claimed seven wickets to bowl India to a 95-run victory over England in the second Test at Lord's, their first overseas win since 2011.

    Fifth day scorecard

    India first innings 295
    England first innings 319
    India second innings 342
    England second innings

    S Robson lbw Jadeja 7
    A Cook c Dhoni b Sharma 22
    G Ballance c Dhoni b Shami 27
    I Bell b Sharma 1
    J Root c Binny b Sharma 66
    M Ali c Pujara b Sharma 39
    M Prior c Vijay b Sharma 12
    B Stokes c Pujara b Sharma 0
    L Plunkett not out 7
    S Broad c Dhoni b Sharma 8
    J Anderson run out 2

    Extras: (w-1 nb-2 b-13 lb-16) 32
    Total: (all out, 88.2 overs) 223
    Fall of wickets: 1-12, 2-70, 3-71, 4-72, 5-173, 6-198, 7-201, 8-201, 9-216, 10-223

    India's second victory at the home of cricket and first since 1986 continued England's miserable year after series defeats by Australia and Sri Lanka.

    Resuming at 105 for four in pursuit of 319, Joe Root and Moeen Ali survived until the final ball before lunch when the latter fell to Sharma. The right-armer claimed four more wickets after the break as England's batsmen capitulated in the face of India's short-pitched barrage and were bowled out for 223, putting the visitors 1-0 up in the five-match series.

    Sharma finished with career-best figures of 7-74, including five wickets in 33 balls.

    Root and Moeen had earlier given hope of an unlikely home victory, having come together with England in trouble at 72 for four midway through Sunday's evening session.

    They added a further 68 runs on Monday morning before Moeen, who batted for a day to nearly save the second test against Sri Lanka at Headingley last month, fell last to a brute of a delivery from Sharma which forced him to fend off to Cheteshwar Pujara at short leg.

    Root and Prior came out after lunch bristling with intent, hitting 20 runs in the first two overs after play resumed as Mohammed Shami and Sharma offered a procession of short balls.

    Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni's plan paid dividends shortly afterwards, however, when Prior, who has endured a poor run both behind the stumps and with the bat, hooked Sharma to Vijay at deep mid-wicket for 12.

    Ben Stokes completed a pair in the match, mis-hitting Sharma to Pujara at mid-on and Root went the same over for 66, caught by Stuart Binny after another poor hook shot.

    Sharma claimed his fifth victim of the day and seventh of the innings when he had Stuart Broad caught down the legside by Dhoni. James Anderson was last to fall, run out by Ravindra Jadeja.

    The third Test starts in Southampton on Sunday.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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