Kallis quits international cricket

South African all-rounder ends his international career by quitting limited-overs cricket with immediate effect.

    Kallis had retired from Test cricket last year [Getty Images]
    Kallis had retired from Test cricket last year [Getty Images]

    South Africa's Jacques Kallis has surprisingly decided to call time on his international limited-overs career six months before the World Cup.

    Kallis' international career
       M   Runs   HS   Avg  100s   50s 
    Tests 166 13,289 224  55.7  45  58
    ODIs 328 11,579 139 44.4  17  86 
    T20s 25 666 73 35.1  56 
       M Runs Wkts Best Avg Eco
    Tests 166 9,535  292 9-92  32.7  2.8 
    ODIs 328 8,680 273  5-30  31.8  4.8 
    T20s 25 333 12  4-15  27.8  7.2 

    The 38-year-old, one of the greatest all-rounders in the game's history, retired from Test cricket last year but had been planning to finish his South Africa career at the 50-over World Cup in Australia and New Zealand in February and March.

    However, he announced a change of heart on Wednesday, just weeks after helping South Africa win a One-Day International series in Sri Lanka for the first time.

    "I realised in Sri Lanka that my dream of playing in a World Cup was a bridge too far," he said in a statement. "Ï just knew on that tour that I was done. The squad that was in Sri Lanka is an amazing one and I believe they have a good chance of bringing the trophy home in March.

    "I would like to thank Cricket South Africa, the team, the team sponsors, my sponsors, the fans and all the people who have been involved in my career. It has been an amazing journey."

    Kallis was in poor form in Sri Lanka, scoring just five runs in three innings as South Africa won the ODI series 2-1 earlier this month. He did not bowl in any of the games.

    However, he will continue to play in the Twenty-20 format of the game at club level.

    "I am not retiring from all cricket as I have a two-year contract with the Sydney Thunder and, if possible, to help the Kolkata Knight Riders defend the IPL title we won earlier this year."

    Kallis is the only cricketer to score more than 11,000 runs and take 250 wickets in Test and ODI cricket.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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