England left fighting to save Test

Hosts need another 214 runs with six wickets left on the final day to win the second Test at Lord's against India.

    Captain Cook's misery continued with the bat as he was dismissed for 22 [REUTERS]
    Captain Cook's misery continued with the bat as he was dismissed for 22 [REUTERS]

    India took control of the second Test on Sunday, reducing England to 105-4 at stumps and still needing another 214 runs for an improbable win on the final day.

    Fourth day scorecard

    India first innings 295
    England first innings 319

    India second innings 342
    England second innings

    A Cook c Dhoni b Sharma 22
    S Robson lbw b Jadeja 7
    G Ballance c Dhoni b Shami 27
    I Bell b Sharma 1
    J Root not out 14
    M Ali not out 15

    Extras: (5b, 13lb, 1w) 19
    Total: (for 4 wickets) 105
    Fall of wickets: 1-12, 2-70, 3-71, 4-72.

    Chasing a daunting 319, England lost three wickets for two runs - including that of struggling captain Alastair Cook for 22 - going from 70-1 to 72-4 on the fourth day at Lord's.

    Gary Ballance (27) begun the slump for England when he pushed into a delivery from Mohammed Shami, and was caught behind by Mahendra Singh Dhoni for the wicketkeeper's 250th catch in Test cricket. Ian Bell (one) followed when he was bowled by Ishant Sharma, playing and missing a straight delivery, before Cook became Sharma's second wicket.

    He edged behind after making a patient 22 from 93 balls, as another innings passed without making a big score.

    Those three dismissals leave England facing the prospect of going 10 Test matches without a win.

    Moeen Ali and Joe Root offered some resistance, finishing unbeaten on 15 and 14 respectively but England will likely be hoping for rain on the last day.

    Earlier, Murali Vijay made 95 for India before Ravindra Jadeja's 68, while Bhuvneshwar Kumar contributed 52 as the visitors built up their imposing lead.

    The first Test of the five-match series was drawn.


    SOURCE: Reuters


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