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Moeen's doosra plans for Test debut

England newcomer Moeen Ali confident about his new delivery as he is tipped to make Test debut against SL on Thursday.

    Moeen Ali is likely to shoulder the spin bowling responsibilities with Joe Root [Gallo/Getty]
    Moeen Ali is likely to shoulder the spin bowling responsibilities with Joe Root [Gallo/Getty]

    England newcomer Moeen Ali is preparing to unveil a surprise should he make his Test debut against Sri Lanka at Lord's on Thursday - his doosra.

    The Worcestershire all-rounder is set to play in the opening game of the two-match series, with captain Alastair Cook likely to call on Moeen's part-time spin bowling and that of top-order batsman Joe Root as England plug the gap left by the retirement of Graeme Swann.

    Moeen is confident of his bowling ability and is considering using his doosra - a delivery that looks like an off-break but actually turns the other way - after practising it with county teammate, Pakistan off-spinner Saeed Ajmal.

    The 26-year-old has taken 139 first-class wickets at an average of just over 40 but told reporters that given the amount of bowling he had done for Worcester over the past three seasons, he had no concerns about doing it at Test level.

    "A lot of people haven't seen me bowl in the longer format so hopefully I can surprise a few people," Moeen said on Tuesday. "I'm pretty confident with my bowling. The doosra is coming along nicely. I'm really happy with it at the moment - the last 20 or 30 days I've worked my socks off bowling it.

    "I'm not looking to fill Swann's boots. He has been a fantastic bowler. I'm just looking to bowl how I bowl. If I try to be someone else I won't be as good."

    SOURCE: Reuters


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