Brathwaite, Bravo put Windies ahead

The West Indies batsmen both hit centuries to put the away side in control at 310/5 on day two against New Zealand.

    The pair shared a partnership of 182, a fourth wicket record for the Caribbean side against NZ [GALLO/GETTY]
    The pair shared a partnership of 182, a fourth wicket record for the Caribbean side against NZ [GALLO/GETTY]

    Opener Kraigg Brathwaite stroked a maiden century and left-hander Darren Bravo also notched three figures as the West Indies dominated day two of the second cricket Test against New Zealand at the Queen's Park Oval.

    The hosts, replying to the Black Caps' total of 221, motored to 310-5 at stumps, a lead of 89.

    The 21-year-old Brathwaite struck a chanceless 129 before falling late in the day to the second new ball. He struck 13 boundaries off 258 balls in six hours, 20 minutes.

    Bravo, in front of a modest home crowd which included his older brother, West Indies one-day captain Dwayne, smashed 109, with 11 fours and four sixes. The 25-year-old's sixth Test century spanned 155 deliveries and 198 minutes.

    The pair shared a partnership of 182, a fourth wicket record for the Caribbean side against New Zealand, who claimed just four wickets all day.

    Windies start fast

    There was early encouragement for the tourists as nightwatchman Sulieman Benn (4) was snared by seamer Tim Southee in the fifth over of the day to reduce the home team to 16-2.

    But Kirk Edwards quickly shifted the momentum, hitting an aggressive 55 off 64 balls and dominating a third wicket stand of 93 with fellow Barbadian Brathwaite.

    Once he was belatedly introduced, leg-spinner Ish Sodhi claimed Edwards to an outside edge just before lunch at 109-3. Edwards hit seven fours and three sixes.

    Brathwaite and Bravo dominated for much of the rest of the day in an enterprising stand. The pair was particularly severe on the spin duo of Sodhi and Mark Craig.

    New Zealand finally separated the pair late in the day when part-time off-spinner Kane Williamson removed Bravo to a skied catch to long-off.

    Trent Boult (2-30) ended Brathwaite's long vigil just before stumps as the determined right-hander miscued a drive for a return catch.


    SOURCE: Reuters


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