Jordan stars in England rout

England bowl Sri Lanka out for just 67 runs to win the third One Day International by 10 wickets at Old Trafford.

    Jordan's continued to press his claim for a place in England's Test squad with a second man-of-the-match [AFP]
    Jordan's continued to press his claim for a place in England's Test squad with a second man-of-the-match [AFP]

    Chris Jordan claimed five wickets as England bowled Sri Lanka out for 67 runs, their third lowest total in one-day internationals, to help win the third ODI with a resounding 10-wicket victory.

    England have a 2-1 lead in the five-match series heading into the fourth encounter at Lords.

    Sri Lanka v England scorecard

    Sri Lanka innings
    H Thirimanne c Buttler b Anderson 7
    T Dilshan c Buttler b Anderson 2
    K Sangakkara c Buttler b Jordan 13
    D Jayawardene lbw Tredwell 12
    L Chandimal c Bell b Jordan 6
    A Mathews c Buttler b Jordan 11
    S Priyanjan run out 2
    K Kulasekara c Tredwell b Jordan 5
    S Senanayake c Woakes b Tredwell 0
    H Herath not out 0
    S Malinga lbw Jordan 2
    Extras: 7
    Total: (all out; 24 overs) 67
    Fall of wickets: 1-4, 2-13, 3-32, 4-45, 5-58, 6-60, 7-65, 8-65, 9-65

    England innings 
    A Cook not out 30
    I Bell not out 41
    Extras: 2
    Total: (0 wickets; 12.1 overs) 73

    Jordan, who secured the man-of-the-match award after impressing with bat and ball in the first ODI, continued to press his claim for a place in England's Test squad with another performance full of aggression and enthusiasm.

    With rain in the air, England won the toss and elected to bowl first and that decision paid immediate dividends in the third over with James Anderson grabbing the wicket of the dangerous Tillakaratne Dilshan (2), who scored 88 in the second match.

    Anderson then accounted for Dilshan's opening partner Lahiru Thirimanne for seven, also caught behind, before Jordan tore through the visiting middle order.

    First the 25-year-old had the talismanic Kumar Sangakkara (13) caught by wicketkeeper Jos Buttler trying to play an extravagant shot before Dinesh Chandimal followed with a soft dismissal for six.

    England's improved fielding

    England's fielding, a problem area recently, was notably better than in the lost second one-dayer as England increased the pressure on the shell-shocked batsmen.

    Spinner James Tredwell ousted Mahela Jayawardene lbw for 12 before captain Angelo Mathews became Jordan's third victim on 60-6.

    Ashan Priyanjan was run out for two and then Jordan brought up his five-wicket haul with two further dismissals either side of Tredwell's second victim as England took the last six wickets for the loss of nine runs.

    Chasing the low score, England cantered across the finishing line with returning captain Alastair Cook and Ian Bell carrying England to the required total in 12.1 overs.

    Cook (30) and Bell (41) were rarely troubled chasing the meagre total and the easy victory was assured in style with Bell hitting Rangana Herath for six to secure only their fourth ever 10-wicket victory.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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